48 Hours In Chicago In A Nutshell

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I decided to take a quick trip to Chicago with my brother to run in the O’Hare 5K Runway Run. We couldn’t justify a trip to Chicago to just run in the 5K so we made the visit into a mini-trip. We had around 48 hours in Chicago and made great use of our time and were very busy!

We left from New York (JFK) at 7:00pm on Thursday October 18 and were on our way back home from Chicago (ORD) on October 20 at 3:00pm.

Here is how we spent our time:

Thursday– October 18:

Friday– October 19:

Saturday– October 20:

O’Hare 5K Starting Line
Museum of Surgical Sciences

A little about the flights:

Our flights on Delta were a bit Jekyll & Hyde. On the way to Chicago, we were delayed 40 minutes (which was not their fault). However the heat on the plane was. The plane also offered practically no legroom. On the way back things seemed to go our way. After asking for better seats from the rep in the lounge, we were offered an exit row for $29 extra- no thanks!
When we got to the gate, we asked the agent if there was anything closer up & together. She was kind enough to move us to an exit row. We each had an aisle seat. Odd as it sounds, the window next to me was empty but my brother decided to move over and sit there due to the very large man encroaching on his space!
Our flight home gave us comfortable space and ample cool air.

My own exit row

The hotel- Radisson Hotel Chicago O’Hare:

The Radisson O’Hare was a very good choice for our quick visit to Chicago. If we didn’t need to wake up so early for the runway run we would’ve stayed in the downtown area.
The hotel seems a bit dated but good enough for our needs. (I can’t say that I ever really see the need for pricey hotels) We had an issue with our room and had to switch to another room. The hotel staff handled the issue professionally but should’ve came through on what they fully offered us. However, we ended up in a room without sleep number beds- score!

I plan to write more detailed posts about many of the things we did during our brief stay in Chicago. Due to being really tired it will have to wait for another day.

Stay tuned…

A few more photos:


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