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Restaurants With Long Lines Worth Waiting For

Line out the door at Oklahoma Joe’s

Just how long would you wait in line for a meal? Generally speaking, I’d assume that we all hate waiting. When we get to a restaurant we want to be sat instantly and have our food be brought out promptly.

However, some places are just so popular that you know there is going to be a wait. But are you willing to stand in those long lines to get some (hopefully) delicious grub? Continue reading Restaurants With Long Lines Worth Waiting For

Get A Free Zagat NYC Restaurants Guide

Sometimes it’s nice to hold a book and not just read everything online, especially when it is free!

I’ve been participating in the Zagat surveys for years and always got rewarded with a free copy of the newest guide. However, I stopped participating a couple of years back.

Initially I’d leave the Zagat book in my glove compartment for reference when out and about. However, with just about all of us having smartphones, the value of the Zagat guide has definitely gone down.

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Save 10% On Seamless For the Big “Foodball”Game

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.36.04 AMTonight is the big game which will be seen all over the world. Super Bowl XLVIII will pit the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. While I don’t follow football as much as I used to, I’ll still be watching the game and hope to see Peyton Manning finally win his 2nd championship.

The Super Bowl is a huge night for eating and Seamless wants to help you save some money if you decide to order in.

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The Daily Meal: 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 12.48.19 AM

The Daily Meal came out with their second annual list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

The list features hotels on six continents, in over 50 countries and 80 cities. Most of these restaurants are located in luxurious hotels with menu prices to match. The food varies from “classic Italian to French Fusion and from Caribbean to Catalan”.

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15% OFF Seamless Orders- Today Only

Seamless.com is offering 15% off orders over $10 again- Today Only!

From a previous post:

For those of you that don’t know, Seamless is an online service that claims to be “the easiest way to order food for delivery or takeout”. They offer food from 12,000+ restaurants in 40 cities.

Kim and I have used Seamless a few times and found it to be a reliable service. In our neighborhood in Brooklyn there aren’t a lot of good restaurants available on the site or we would probably use it more frequently.

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NY Daily News: Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

The New York Daily News had a slideshow a few months back of bizarre restaurants around the world. I found the slide show to be (for the most part) very interesting. It features 11 restaurants, some unique and worthy of a visit, others really weird and ridiculous.

Here is the list:

  1. Dinner in the sky, Brussels– dine in the sky as a crane suspends the gigantic table 50 meters in the sky
  2. Aurum Restaurant, Singapore– hospital themed restaurant where you can dine while sitting in a wheelchair. I saw this restaurant on No Reservations a while back. I think Aurum may have closed.
  3. Hibaritei Cafe, Tokyo– male servers dress up in funky maid costumes
  4. Toilet-themed restaurant, Hangzhou– food is served in miniature toilet bowls
  5. Buns and Guns Restaurant, Beirut– customers sit behind a wall of sandbags and chefs dress in military uniforms
  6. Cafe Neko, Vienna– five cats roam freely around the restaurant
  7. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant, Bangkok.- waiters wear large condoms on their head and aims to educate the public about safe sex. I remember reading about this place in our guide book and walking by it while in Bangkok. I did not see any condom head waiters!
  8. Hear Attack Grill, Arizona– try out the triple bypass cheeseburger here
  9. Hospital-themed restaurant, Taiwan– waitresses dressed as nurses serve drinks through am IV bag drip
  10. Clothing Optional Dinner, NYC– nudists hold clothing optional dinners around New York
  11. Special Enjoyment Restaurant, China– My favorite on the list. This restaurant is shaped like an A380

Here are a couple of more pictures from the slideshow:

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant
Special Enjoyment Restaurant

Check out the complete slideshow HERE

***Photos from this post were taken from the Daily News slideshow***