Get A Free Zagat NYC Restaurants Guide

Sometimes it’s nice to hold a book and not just read everything online, especially when it is free!

I’ve been participating in the Zagat surveys for years and always got rewarded with a free copy of the newest guide. However, I stopped participating a couple of years back.

Initially I’d leave the Zagat book in my glove compartment for reference when out and about. However, with just about all of us having smartphones, the value of the Zagat guide has definitely gone down.

These days, if we’re not sure where to go eat, I will usually turn to food blogs and apps like Yelp, Food Spotting and my real favorite- TV Food Maps.

I just came across an offer again to take the Zagat survey. The reward for helping out is a copy of the new 2015 Zagat New York City Restaurants Guide.

I’m not so sure that I’ll get much use out of the guide but I think I’ll take the survey. It doesn’t hurt to have another resource for finding new places to eat in NYC.

Earning a free 2015 Zagat NYC Restaurants Guide is easy:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.28.26 AM

If you’re interested in taking the NYC Zagat Restaurant Guide survey, Click HERE.

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