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NY Daily News: Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

a man eating at a table

The New York Daily News had a slideshow a few months back of bizarre restaurants around the world. I found the slide show to be (for the most part) very interesting. It features 11 restaurants, some unique and worthy of a visit, others really weird and ridiculous.

Here is the list:

  1. Dinner in the sky, Brussels– dine in the sky as a crane suspends the gigantic table 50 meters in the sky
  2. Aurum Restaurant, Singapore– hospital themed restaurant where you can dine while sitting in a wheelchair. I saw this restaurant on No Reservations a while back. I think Aurum may have closed.
  3. Hibaritei Cafe, Tokyo– male servers dress up in funky maid costumes
  4. Toilet-themed restaurant, Hangzhou– food is served in miniature toilet bowls
  5. Buns and Guns Restaurant, Beirut– customers sit behind a wall of sandbags and chefs dress in military uniforms
  6. Cafe Neko, Vienna– five cats roam freely around the restaurant
  7. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant, Bangkok.- waiters wear large condoms on their head and aims to educate the public about safe sex. I remember reading about this place in our guide book and walking by it while in Bangkok. I did not see any condom head waiters!
  8. Hear Attack Grill, Arizona– try out the triple bypass cheeseburger here
  9. Hospital-themed restaurant, Taiwan– waitresses dressed as nurses serve drinks through am IV bag drip
  10. Clothing Optional Dinner, NYC– nudists hold clothing optional dinners around New York
  11. Special Enjoyment Restaurant, China– My favorite on the list. This restaurant is shaped like an A380

Here are a couple of more pictures from the slideshow:

a waiter serving drinks at a restaurant
Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant
a woman cleaning a table
Special Enjoyment Restaurant

Check out the complete slideshow HERE

***Photos from this post were taken from the Daily News slideshow***