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Get a Free 2016 Zagat Guide

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Before everyone had the internet at their fingertips at (just about) any given time due to smartphones, many people turned to guides like Zagat to read reviews about restaurants.

While Zagat has gone online and isn’t just a physical guide, my guess would be that more people turn to sites like Yelp for restaurant reviews and suggestions.

Zagat reviews are done in an annual survey which is how the restaurants get their scores. If you’d like to help out in reviewing restaurants in the survey, Zagat will give you a small reward. Continue reading Get a Free 2016 Zagat Guide

Get A Free Zagat NYC Restaurants Guide

a group of red menusSometimes it’s nice to hold a book and not just read everything online, especially when it is free!

I’ve been participating in the Zagat surveys for years and always got rewarded with a free copy of the newest guide. However, I stopped participating a couple of years back.

Initially I’d leave the Zagat book in my glove compartment for reference when out and about. However, with just about all of us having smartphones, the value of the Zagat guide has definitely gone down.

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Zagat: 10 Crazy Burgers From Around the U.S.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 10.44.43 PMLast month I wrote about 5 Bizarre Burgers That I’ve Tried. I’m a huge burger fan so I was happy to come across an interesting article from Zagat called 10 Crazy Burgers From Around the U.S. while I was writing up my list.

I’m always looking for new burgers to try and am definitely interested in tasting a few from Zagat’s list of crazy burgers. While I haven’t tried any of the burgers mentioned, I have eaten at  3 places from the list, having burgers at 2 of them.

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Zagat: 50 States, 50 Sandwiches

a hand holding a burgerBack in late August, Zagat had an article about regional sandwiches around the U.S. When I saw the article’s title “50 States, 50 Sandwiches”, only a few sandwiches came to mind. I thought of New Orleans (Louisiana) for the Po’ Boy & Muffeletta and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) for the Philly Cheesesteak.

The article got me wondering about what other regional sandwiches existed around the country. I also wondered if I’ve heard of some of the others. I’d assume there would be some that just didn’t come to mind initially.

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