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2015 Best Places To Visit In U.S.

Best places to visit in U.S.

With just under three weeks left in 2014, we’re getting closer and closer to a new year. Along with the new year, comes lists of top places to visit from all different travel-related companies and sites.

Last week I wrote about Fodor’s picks for Best Places to Travel in 2015. You could also take Lonely Planet’s Quiz to Find Out Where You Should Go in 2015. Continue reading 2015 Best Places To Visit In U.S.

Where Should You Go in 2015? Take the Quiz

best travel destinations

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How do you decide where to go on your next trip?

Do you pick a place based on a mistake airfare deal or award flight availability? Maybe you have a mental list of places you’ve always wanted to go and just work your way through it. Could it be that some of you close your eyes, spin the globe and see where you point to? Not likely on that last option!

When deciding where we go on trips, there are a bunch of variables we look at. Continue reading Where Should You Go in 2015? Take the Quiz

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries 2015

top 10 travel destinations

Newspapers, magazines and travel websites are always coming out with lists of top countries to visit for the upcoming year.

I’m always curious to see which countries make the top countries lists. Even more fun is seeing how many we’ve been to and how many we’d like to go to in the future. These kinds of lists can even be a good way to get some trip ideas and travel inspiration. Continue reading Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries 2015

Win A 7 Day Trip To Tuscany + Free Lonely Planet eBook

Lonely Planet (along with Travel + Leisure & G Adventures) is running a sweepstakes, giving away a trip for two to Tuscany! 

According to the sign-up page, Lonely Planet has named Italy one of the best places to visit this year as part of its Best of Europe list.

The Prize:

Continue reading Win A 7 Day Trip To Tuscany + Free Lonely Planet eBook

7 Of The World’s Best Replicas

For me, usually fake = not good. But when it comes to tourist attractions fake can also mean fun, interesting, odd…

Lonely Planet’s editors had the chance to share some imitations of famous sites from around the world.

When thinking of this topic a few sites come to mind. The first is a couple of artificial sites in Las Vegas- the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and the Canals of Venice at The Venetian. The other site is in Cambodia, imitating a famous temple nearby. (A little more on that later.)

Lonely Planet came up with a list of Amazing fakes: Seven of the world’s most intriguing replicas.

Continue reading 7 Of The World’s Best Replicas

World’s Ultimate Desert Dares

Over the years, I’ve visited various deserts while traveling around the world. A few that come to mind are Wadi Rum in Jordan,  the Namib Desert in Namibia and taking a desert jeep safari (aka Dune Bashing) in Dubai.

The scenery is pretty amazing but the heat can make things a bit uncomfortable not to mention there being little refuge from the sun.

Lonely Planet put together a list of The World’s Ultimate Desert Dares which includes 10 challenges. The challenges were taken from Lonely Planet’s 1,000 Ultimate Adventures.

Continue reading World’s Ultimate Desert Dares

Top 10 Extraordinary Places To Stay

While traveling, the most important factors related to where we stay are price and location (and wifi).  The room itself isn’t really so important since all it really is for us is a place to sleep and shower. Since Lucas has been born we definitely like to mix in nicer places to stay too (if possible) using hotel points.

However, there are some unique and interesting places to stay that could be well worth checking out.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanted to stay at a couple of unique places- an ice hotel and a treehouse hotel. Hopefully, one of these days we’ll get to check them out.

Continue reading Top 10 Extraordinary Places To Stay

10 Valentine’s Day Destinations For Every Kind of Romantic


As most of you know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. This year we are actually in Europe. While we usually don’t go away for this holiday, thanks to the amazing Wideroe mistake fare offer back in November and Monday being President’s Day we ended up with another short European vacation.

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those over-rated and over-priced days of the year but what can you do! It actually means a lot more to me however since it’s the day that Kim and I met!

Lonely Planet came up with a list of Ten Valentine’s Day destinations for every kind of romantic. 

Continue reading 10 Valentine’s Day Destinations For Every Kind of Romantic

Lonely Planet: 7 Wonders Of Winter

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.16 AMI recently came across a Lonely Planet article from a couple of years back which seemed fitting for this time of year.

The article, The 7 Wonders of Winter looks at the world’s top 7 winterland marvels, as chosen by Lonely Planet authors.

Here is the list:

  1. The Northern Lights of Canada
  2. Icebound St. Petersburg
  3. Sweden’s Reindeer Migration Continue reading Lonely Planet: 7 Wonders Of Winter

Lonely Planet: Ten Day-Trips From New York


Lonely Planet has a list of Ten Day-Trips From New York that I found to be pretty interesting which could possibly be of use to us in the future.

Kim and I aren’t big on day-trips but we like to take short weekend trips from home in Brooklyn, NY (staying over for a night or 2) at times. We’ll usually head to Philadelphia, other areas nearby in Pennsylvania or go upstate to New York.

Lucas used to hate being in the car, mainly due to being stuck in his car seat but as he is getting older, he is much better in the car now. Day-trips might be something for us to consider in the near future but then there is the factor that I don’t love to drive!

Continue reading Lonely Planet: Ten Day-Trips From New York