Lonely Planet: 7 Wonders Of Winter

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.02.16 AMI recently came across a Lonely Planet article from a couple of years back which seemed fitting for this time of year.

The article, The 7 Wonders of Winter looks at the world’s top 7 winterland marvels, as chosen by Lonely Planet authors.

Here is the list:

  1. The Northern Lights of Canada
  2. Icebound St. Petersburg
  3. Sweden’s Reindeer Migration
  4. Italy’s Sunken Bell
  5. Yellowstone’s Boiling Water
  6. Korea’s Ice Festivals
  7. Snowbound London

While I haven’t had the chance to experience any of these winterland marvels, we did visit Saint Petersburg this year. We went during our Spring break and it was very cold but not nearly as bad as Moscow. While wandering around, I liked seeing the water in the canals frozen over.

If I could choose two of these winter experiences, I’d definitely go with viewing the Northern Lights in Canada and Sweden’s Renindeer Migration.

Which would you choose from this list?

Find out about each of these winterland marvels in the Lonely Planet article HERE.

2 thoughts on “Lonely Planet: 7 Wonders Of Winter

  1. The list looks like crap. Really ??? The 7 Wonders of Winter. There are way more amazing winter places around the world. It is astonishing how Lonely planet is able to sell these places as the 7 so called Wonders of Winter.

    1. Hey Peter- I feel like most of these lists are subjective. However they are fun to read and you can still get some good ideas or learn about new places from them.

      I’d love to hear about the “way more amazing winter places around the world” that you had in mind.

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