Lonely Planet: Ten Day-Trips From New York


Lonely Planet has a list of Ten Day-Trips From New York that I found to be pretty interesting which could possibly be of use to us in the future.

Kim and I aren’t big on day-trips but we like to take short weekend trips from home in Brooklyn, NY (staying over for a night or 2) at times. We’ll usually head to Philadelphia, other areas nearby in Pennsylvania or go upstate to New York.

Lucas used to hate being in the car, mainly due to being stuck in his car seat but as he is getting older, he is much better in the car now. Day-trips might be something for us to consider in the near future but then there is the factor that I don’t love to drive!

Here is Lonely Planet’s list:

  • Philadelphia
  • Grounds For Sculpture- Hamilton, New Jersey
  • Coney Island
  • Asbury Park boardwalk -New Jersey
  • Sands Point Preserve
  • Arden Point to Glenclyffe- Garrison, NY
  • Hudson, New York
  • Inwood Hill Park
  • The Cloisters
  • Fire Island

Where would I consider going for a day-trip from Brooklyn?

  • I once went on a day-trip with a friend to Philly to see the Mets play the Phillies. After the game we stopped for a cheesesteak and then headed home. I found it a bit much for just a day visit and would recommend at least staying over for one night.
  • I think Coney Island coud be a great day-trip, lucky for us it’s only a 10 minute drive!
  • Sands Point Reserve sounds like a great place to visit. At under an hour away the drive isn’t bad. With a historic home to visit and six nature trails it sounds like it could be a very nice day.
  • The Cloisters  have long been on my list of places to see close to home. The artwork isn’t of much interest to me. The building itself is what I would like to see.

Which day-trip would you most like to go on from NYC?

Find out more about each of the day-trips mentioned by Lonely Planet HERE.

2 thoughts on “Lonely Planet: Ten Day-Trips From New York

  1. I’ve done phili as a day trip through taking a bus such as megabus. It can be a great day trip from ny if you keep your expectations reasonable. The bus also helps!

    1. Coming from Manhattan on Megabus it is definitley more do-able. My brother and I took Megabus to Philly last year for a one night stay. The thing is- for us to get to the Megabus pickup, we first had to get there from Brooklyn which can be close to a one hour trip in itself.

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