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You Can Now Drink On The Boardwalk In Atlantic City

Atlantic City
image: pixabay

Atlantic City is well known for its casinos and boardwalk. For those of you who don’t like to gamble, there are also outlet shops in the area.

Due to COVID-19, business and tourism is down pretty much everywhere in the country. It’s probably safe to say this is true for all around the world. Continue reading You Can Now Drink On The Boardwalk In Atlantic City

Countries That Drink the Most

alcohol statistics
image: HostelWorld

While I don’t drink so much anymore, I still found these alcohol statistics to be pretty interesting.

When it comes to drinking, these days I usually go with a beer. It’s a good time to like beer with newer, local breweries popping up all over the United States.

If I don’t go with a beer, my drink of choice tends to be vodka mixed with either tonic (or Red Bull if I’m feeling a bit tired). Continue reading Countries That Drink the Most

Book A $1,000,000+ World Drinking Tour

a person holding a tweezers in a martini glass

When I think of expensive tours, trips like visiting Antarctica, the Galapagos and luxury African safaris come to mind.

Last month I read about a different kind of tour on CNN Travel that could definitely take the prize for most expensive trip in the world.

How would you like to sip a £12,000 cocktail laden with diamonds?

Holidaysplease, a UK based travel company offers the luxury world drinking tour called the Ultimate Drink Connoisseurs’ Holiday. Continue reading Book A $1,000,000+ World Drinking Tour