You Can Now Drink On The Boardwalk In Atlantic City

Atlantic City
image: pixabay

Atlantic City is well known for its casinos and boardwalk. For those of you who don’t like to gamble, there are also outlet shops in the area.

Due to COVID-19, business and tourism is down pretty much everywhere in the country. It’s probably safe to say this is true for all around the world.

In an effort to help increase business and tourism, the city has “decided to lift some restrictions on public consumption of alcohol,” according to Travel + Leisure.

Last week, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, signed off on allowing drinking in a few areas including the popular Boardwalk, Gardner’s Basin and some streets close to the Boardwalk known as the Orange Loop.

If you’re caught drinking in other areas, the usual fines will be in effect.

With the bars still closed, business owners are happy that they’ll have the opportunity to offer drinks to go.

The legalized option to drink in public in Atlantic City should end in November or “whenever coronavirus-related occupancy restrictions are lifted,NBC 10 reported.

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