Get Drunk Earlier In New York At Sunday Brunch!

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Blue laws in New York have made it illegal for restaurants and bars to sell liquor until noon on Sundays.

This could be a pain if you’d like to have a drink with your Sunday brunch. Thanks to a new law, this is about to change.

Grub Street recently reported that we’ll now be allowed to order a drink on Sundays a couple of hours earlier thanks to the state legislature. First call will now be at 10 AM.

They also mention that Governor Cuomo has called these laws “the most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine“.

It gets even better for restaurants and bars outside of NYC. They can apply for permits (limited to 12 per year) to start serving at 8 AM. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that I look to drink when I wake up isn’t a beer or hard liquor!

The 8 AM first call wasn’t offered to NYC restaurants and bars since community boards were already trying to fight the switch to drinks being served at 10 AM.

So this is great news for those of you in New York or visiting the state that would like to have a drink with your early Sunday brunch!

Find out more from Grub Street here.

One thought on “Get Drunk Earlier In New York At Sunday Brunch!

  1. When I used to work the midnight to 8AM shift, it was a PITA that my coworkers and I couldn’t go out for a drink after work to unwind. Not everybody has a 9-5 schedule.

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