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While I don’t drink so much anymore, I still found these alcohol statistics to be pretty interesting.

When it comes to drinking, these days I usually go with a beer. It’s a good time to like beer with newer, local breweries popping up all over the United States.

If I don’t go with a beer, my drink of choice tends to be vodka mixed with either tonic (or Red Bull if I’m feeling a bit tired).

What about drinking around the world?

Many countries seem to have their own local drink preference. While I like to try out local foods, I tend to avoid local alcohol and liquor. I find them to be way too strong for my liking.

Most countries also usually brew their own beer which I enjoy trying out. We’ve also visited breweries in quite a few countries around the world.

Have you ever wondered which countries drink the most? If I had to guess, my top 4 picks would be Australia, Germany, Ireland and Russia.

Hostel World posted an article on their blog a couple of weeks back about “Which Countries Drink The Most?“.

HostelWorld put together the list based on “the findings of the World Health Organization, which bases their list on recorded pure alcohol consumption of those 15 years of age and older. This includes beer, wine, spirits, and other forms of alcohol…

Here are the top countries that drink the most along with the alcohol per capita consumption:

  1. Belarus- 17.5 liters
  2. Moldova- 16.8 liters
  3. Lithuania- 15.4 liters
  4. Russia- 15.1 liters
  5. Romania- 14.4 liters
  6. Ukraine- 13.9 liters
  7. Andorra- 13.8 liters
  8. Hungary- 13.3 liters
  9. Czech Republic-13 liters (tie)
  10. Slovakia- 13 liters (tie

I didn’t do so well with my picks for countries that drink the most. I did get one country right though with Russia.

The rest of the list was made up of European countries including many from the former Soviet Union.

If you had to choose- which countries would you think were at the top of the list for drinking the most?

Find out more in the article from HostelWorld here.

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