My Almost Celebrity Encounter in Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Last year I had an almost close encounter with a pretty well known actor. Kim, Lucas and I were walking from our hotel in Berlin (the Radisson Blu) to Museum Island.

Along the way we stopped to take photos of the Berlin Cathedral. We noticed people walking around, looking a bit peculiar. We walked a bit further in to get a more centered photo of the cathedral before realizing that a film was being shot. All of these random people were movie extras.

We hadn’t a clue what was being filmed but once we spotted the production area, we wandered a bit closer. We were standing back, maybe 20 feet from the director’s chair and a couple of other typical movie star chairs.

Some of the crew was looking at screens possibly of what was just shot.

We were standing close to a crew member and decided to try to get some info. He was happy to share some details like the name of the film, which actors had been or were expected on set in the upcoming days and other things like that.

A moment later an actor walked by and took a seat in one of the chairs and he looked awfully familiar. I think I said something to Kim like “Oh shit, that guy from Old School and Wedding Crashers, what’s his name…”.

Vince Vaughn was sitting close by and I figured there might be a chance of getting a photo with him.

Then, out of nowhere another crew member appeared.

She wasn’t rude or anything at first. The initial conversation was something like this.

Crew lady: Hi. Who are you here to see?
MLW: Ummm. The movie.
Crew: Well you can’t be here.
MLW: Why not? We’re having a conversation with this guy and I was hoping to take a photo with my son and Vince Vaughn.
Crew: You can’t be here, you need to leave.

Then I pulled out my camera and tried to take a photo of Vince Vaughn as we started to walk away. The results weren’t pretty:

Instead of getting a photo of Vince Vaughn, I ended up with this awesome shot of the crew lady…

We exchanged a few (not so pleasant) words as Kim, Lucas and I continued to walk away and that’s the story of my almost encounter with Vince Vaughn.

For those of you curious about the movie. We were told by the first crew member that we had spoken to that the movie was called The Business Trip. After looking on IMDb, I see that it is now called Unfinished Business and is set for release in 2015.

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3 thoughts on “My Almost Celebrity Encounter in Berlin

  1. I have to side with the crew member on this one. Vince Vaughn is at work. That was not a publicity/promotion event. Plus, the crew member was just doing her job.

  2. That was her chance to be a total badass!

    That may or may not be exactly how I acted when I was a little league baseball umpire. Literally the smallest amount of power to ever go to someone’s head.

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