10,000 Gold Points Or Club Carlson Welcome Gift

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On our trip to Germany back in September we stayed in two Club Carlson properties in Berlin. We stayed at the art’otel Berlin Mitte and the Radisson Blu Berlin. Being a Club Carlson Gold member, I expected an In-Room Welcome Gift during our stay. I didn’t think that we received a gift at either property and was a bit surprised.

On previous stays at Club Carlson properties, we’ve received gifts like fruit plates (delivered to our room) and gift bags filled with a generous amount of snacks and water.

This made me wonder if the In-Room Welcome Gift was only available for stays in the United States. I am pretty sure that we received a gift during our stays in Russia (Moscow & Saint Petersburg) earlier in the year but I wasn’t positive.

I decided to send a tweet to @ClubCarlson, @RadissonBlu and @ParkPlazaHotels.

a screenshot of a websiteI received a response, which was from @ClubCarlson. The representative, Maurice asked me to send an e-mail so this situation could be looked into.

a screenshot of a message

I received a response from Maurice a couple of days later letting me know that the situation would be looked into and that I would receive a response from each hotel within 7 days. He also confirmed what I had read on the Club Carlson website- all properties participate in giving welcome gifts to elite members.

“I apologize that you were not recognized as a Club Carlson member — all Radissons, Country Inns, Park Inns, and Park Plazas participate in the program.” 

a screenshot of a computerThe same day I also received a response to my tweet from @ParkPlazaHotels. I didn’t follow-up with them since I was waiting for a response from each of the properties directly.

I received responses from both hotels within 5 days. Here is what I found out.

  1. The first response was from art’otel Berlin Mitte–  I received a friendly e-mail which stated that they checked with the head housekeeper and she was sure that she left a welcome card with tissues and a little bath duck. I did see some tissues but didn’t think it was a welcome gift. I then went to look in Lucas’ little toy bag because I did recall seeing a duck at some point during the trip. It wasn’t  the duck that he received from Austrian Airlines so this must be the duck they were talking about! I responded by thanking them and explaining what happened.
  2. I received a response from the Radisson Blu Berlin the following day. They were surprised that I got nothing. Based on the internal-treatment distribution list I should’ve received honey and a welcome card. I knew for sure that we didn’t receive any welcome card or honey. After letting them know this in a response, I was told if I happen to come back to Berlin they would offer me an upgrade to a higher category room.

I e-mailed Maurice (Club Carlson Twitter support) once more to let him know the outcome. When I mentioned Radisson Blu’s response, I said that it was unlikely that we would be returning to Berlin any time in the near future.

I decided to ask if there was anything else they could do for me to make up for the lack of a welcome gift and was amazed at the response.

I received a response from a new customer care rep, Dana. Dana agreed that the duck was a great and unique welcome gift like I had said and then apologized for not receiving the honey at Radisson Blu Berlin. Dana then offered to add 10,000 points to my account and wanted to know if that worked for me.

I didn’t hesitate to accept this overly generous offer!

The missing welcome gift turned out to be an amazing deal and now made our two night stay almost 25% off! (We paid 44,000 Gold Points for our two night stay thanks to the Club Carlson credit card’s Stay 2+ Nights, Get 1 Free perk.)

What would you rather have- 10,000 Gold Points or an In-Room Welcome Gift? I don’t think this would be much of a debate.

5 thoughts on “10,000 Gold Points Or Club Carlson Welcome Gift

  1. I’ll take the 10,000 points every time 🙂 Having said that, I love arriving in a hotel room after a long trip and finding a large bottle of chilled water and some fruit.

  2. Sean- Not sure if you’re on Twitter, if you are just send a tweet inquiring about it. If not, send an e-mail. I wouldn’t guarantee 10,000 Gold Points, but I think they will get back to you and do something for ya! Club Carlson seems to handle customer service issues in a fair and timely manner! Good Luck!

    Jared- I’m not really understanding how I guilted them into anything. Please explain. I also have no clue how I used this “platform as a blogger”. I never mentioned my blog in regards to this situation. I also didn’t realize that getting something that the hotels are supposed to provide showed insecurity or greed.

    BTW- Thanks for being a loyal reader! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

    ORD-TGU- I am glad that the post could be helpful for you! I find the In-Room Welcome Gift to be a token gift so I don’t expect anything fancy but something should be provided. The gifts usually tend to be a couple of bottles of water and some snacks, which is fine. Wine & pastries sound even more generous! If you aren’t given what Club Carlson says you should get, why not follow up!

  3. Very useful.

    I stay at a lot of CIS for business, most of the times I do not get a welcome gift, sometimes a bag with soda and something out of a vending machine that I would not want anyways.
    Radissons have been really generous with my last 3 stays at different properties giving me bottles of wine plus pastries, treats.

    I will follow up next time at a CIS if they don’t give me anything.

  4. Glad to see you were able to guilt them into giving you points. Are you so insecure that you need a bowl of fruit or some snacks to make you feel better about yourself for being an elite member (which you probably only got by having a credit card) or are you just greedy and looking for any excuse to complain and use your platform as a blogger to hold the hotel hostage to get something?

  5. Awesome! I’m having the same dilemma. I’m in a CIS currently and the night before stayed at another CIS and at BOTH properties received zero Gold status recognition, I mean nothing, no thank you for being gold, no upgrades no welcome gift- nada!

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