Are you Klaus Heidi? Win A New Life In Berlin From Lufthansa Sweden

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Last week I came across a really bizarre promotion being ran by Lufthansa Sweden. Lufthansa refers to this offer as a contest but this isn’t exactly the case. I find it more to be a promotion since the prize is a bit gimmicky yet funny at the same time.

Before I explain more I’ll let you know that this offer is only open to  Swedish citizens but still worth hearing about.

Here is the promo:

Lufthansa is looking for Klaus Heidi and if you are willing to change your name, they might move you to Berlin for good! 

The Prize:

  • One way ticket to Berlin from Stockholm on January 1
  • An apartment for a full year including a king size bed, fully equipped kitchen with washing machine,  wifi and more
  • Handbuilt , custom bike with your new name on it and a matching helmet
  • Berlin Welcome Card- free travel on public transportation & free entrance to many museums
  • German language course to learn your new language
  • 2 domestic flights to Frankfurt & Munich good any time during your first year

How to become Klaus Heidi? At the link below:

  • Change your name to Klaus Heidi by downloading the official document
  • Upload your official certificate once your name is approved and include a short justification about why you want to start a new life in Berlin

The Rules: “Open to all Swedish citizens of age, regardless of sex.”

  • Must be at least 18 years of age to enter
  • Contest ends November 28

Even if you’re not Klaus Heidi you can get a discount on Lufthansa for flights departing from Sweden

  • Get a 200 SEK discount and give a friend one.
  • Get a 500 SEK discount by changing your name on Facebook to Klaus Heidi

Find out more about the Klaus Heidi promotion HERE and check out the video below to find out a little about what life will be like for the winner in Berlin.


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