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Where Did We Go In 2014

Travel Destinations 2014
image: OpenFlights.org (not including our trip to Vegas)

2014 was another great year for travel here at Michael W Travels!

The year got off to a great start thanks to some incredible (mistake? sale?) fares we booked through Wideroe to Europe in the first third of the year.

Since Kim and I don’t travel for work, all of our trips are for leisure- unless you consider our trip to Las Vegas for BAcon a work trip! I didn’t. Continue reading Where Did We Go In 2014

2014 Most Popular Destinations According to Facebook

Facebook check in
image from USA Today Article- Facebook

Earlier in the week (or some might say, last year) I wrote about the 10 most tagged destinations on Instagram in 2014. Many of the most tagged destinations weren’t what I’d consider overly exciting places. To me they are more like popular places for meeting up.

While I love baseball, I wouldn’t expect two stadiums to be among the most tagged destinations in the world. Nor would I consider shopping malls to be either… Continue reading 2014 Most Popular Destinations According to Facebook

Miles & Points Earned From Credit Card Bonuses In 2014

budget travel tips
image: forbes

With 2014 in the books it’s time to reflect and look back on how many miles and points I earned from credit card sign up bonuses.

I decided to be a bit more conservative this year and try to keep the applications down. I did manage to  earn another big haul that will help us to continue to fund lots traveling for years to come. Continue reading Miles & Points Earned From Credit Card Bonuses In 2014

The Almost Mid-Year Update

a man jumping in the air
Azure Window on Maltese Island of Gozo

With the first half of 2014 closing in, I thought it was time for the Almost Mid-Year Update.

At the end of 2013 I wrote a few end of year recap posts and figured that for 2014 I’d add an additional recap or shall I call it an… update.

I want to discuss a little about what’s been going on over at Michael W Travels in terms of the blog, travel and miles & points earning.

The Blog: Continue reading The Almost Mid-Year Update