Delta “Launches” International Wi-Fi

Here’s some big news for those of you that can’t live without being connected at 30,000 feet (or just want another entertainment option) during international flights.

Delta started offering Gogo inflight internet on international flights yesterday.

The first flights connected were on Boeing 747-400s flying from L.A.- Tokyo (Flight 283) and Atlanta- Tokyo (Flight 295).

Delta will be offering global connectivity on all of its  747-400s by the summer with three of 16 747-400s currently Gogo ready.

According to Gogo, The aircraft is also the first aircraft flying with Gogo’s Ku-band satellite service.

Gogo Logo

Gogo international will be available on all of Delta’s international fleet by the end of 2015.

The price to connect is not be cheap but for long, international flights this will certainly be an appealing option. According to Delta, introductory pricing starts at one hour passes for laptop users being $14 and $8 for mobile users. Flight pass options which keep you connected throughout your flight go for $24.95 for laptops and $14.95 for mobile users.

So who’s looking forward to connecting on international flights? This certainly has me interested!

Find out more from Delta about International Wifi HERE.

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