Burger Expert George Motz Opening A Shop In NYC!

a man standing next to a table with food on itOver the years, I’ve mentioned a book which I consider the burger bible many times. Hamburger America is an awesome book and resource, written by burger expert George Motz.

Motz had a fun show years back called Burger Land and currently has a YouTube series called the Burger Scholar Sessions.

Besides the books and shows, George Motz also has Fried Onion Burger pop-ups in Brooklyn and at various locations around the world.a collage of burgersWe’ve been lucky to attend these burger pop-ups many times. I’d consider Motz’s fried onion burger one of my favorites burgers out there.

Last week, I read some big news. In the Spring, Motz will be opening a brick and mortar location called Hamburger America in New York City!

The shop will “open in partnership with Andrew and Jonathan Schnipper, behind the small chain of Schnipper’s burger spots,” according to Eater.com.

The shop is set to offer those delicious fried onion cheeseburgers and other items too.

I’m very excited for this opening and can’t wait to see what else the shop has to offer (although I’d have a hard time ordering anything other than those awesome burgers)!

Find out more about the upcoming opening from Eater here.

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