Did I Finish Pete & Elda’s XXL Pizza In The Whole Pie Eater’s Challenge?

From our first visit…

Besides travel, pizza and baseball are a couple of my other favorite hobbies.

Traveling doesn’t always mean getting on a plane or even driving very far. Sometimes, we go on pizza tours, visiting multiple shops in one day.  We started doing this more over the past year or so, since we had been grounded during the pandemic.

While I believe New York has the best pizza in the world, great pizza can also be found in states close to home like Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

This past December, we stopped by Pete & Elda’s Bar/ Carmen’s Pizzeria to try their thin bar-style pie. Soon after, I started following them on Instagram where I learned about their Whole Pie Eater Challenge.According to their website, The rules are simple… finish an entire XXL Pie in one sitting, by yourself, and win a T-Shirt! We offer new designs regularly. The Pies are 18 inches in diameter – making each slice almost a foot long!

For those of you that might be interested, an XXL Pizza costs a very reasonable $16.99.  PizzaWhile I am not a huge fan of eating massive amounts of pizza in one sitting (quality over quantity), I loved some of their shirts being offered as the prize.

I knew their pies were very thin so I figured I could finish off an XXL for the right shirt. When they posted a photo of the newest shirt with a baseball theme, we had to take a quick trip to Neptune, NJ.

So how did I do?The XXL pie…Getting ready to dig in…Waka waka, one slice down!New strategy, double stacking. This wasn’t my idea, I saw a couple of guys at another table doing this method and figured it was worth a try.The double stacking method worked well. The pizza is thin and crispy, double stacking it made it around the thickness of a regular slice and much quicker to finish off. The home stretch…

I took my time and finished off the whole pie in 14 minutes! If I was in a rush, I think I could’ve done it in around 10 minutes (and probably felt sick)!The reward for this impressive eating accomplishment, an awesome Pete & Elda’s Whole Pie Eater’s Clubs shirt!

Final Thoughts:

Besides getting to eat this delicious XXL pizza on my own, this was a fun challenge. Kim and the kids, got a good laugh and enjoyed watching me polish off the pie. If I had video, you’d hear the cheering and positive vibes sent my way as I ate through the final slice!

While I won’t be running back to do this challenge again, I’ll keep an eye out for another awesome shirt. If one catches me eye, I might be heading back to try the challenge again with friends or family!

Do you think you could join the While Pie Eater Club by finishing an XXL pie? Good Luck!

Pete & Elda’s Bar is located at 93 Summit Ave in Neptune, New Jersey.

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