Benny Tudino’s, Home Of The Largest Slice Of Pizza I’ve Ever Had!

benny tudinosI came across the pizzeria Benny Tudinos years back and made a note of it due to it’s massive slice.

Up until last weekend, I never had a chance to make it to the shop, located in Hoboken, NJ.

As we approached Benny Tudinos, Kim, Lucas and I were impressed by the smell both outside and as we entered. I was really hungry and couldn’t wait to give the huge slice a try. I also debated what else to order as I looked over the menu.

Kim went with a grilled chicken sandwich with fresh mozzarella and peppers and Lucas ordered chicken fingers with french fries.

After much indecision, I decided to just stick with ordering the slice of pizza and figured I’d order something else after. That never happened as the slice was MASSIVE!At $4.00 for the largest slice of pizza, it’s a pretty good deal and a bit of a gimmick. The debate was whether or not the pizza would actually be good- bigger isn’t always better.I placed the fork behind the slice of pizza just to give some perspective on just how big it is. (When it arrived, Kim agreed that the slice at Benny Tudinos was a bit bigger than the one served at Lorenzo And Sons Pizza in Philadelphia.)
After marveling at the sight of this massive slice of pizza and taking some photos, it was time to get down to business. The only wonder was how to attack.

I’m not a fork and knife kind of guy when it comes to eating pizza. (NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio would probably disagree.)
I decided to lift up the slice from the middle, where the two plates intersect and go from there.

I took the first bite and was impressed by this huge slice of pizza. I’ve been dying for some good pizza since returning from a month-long trip around South Asia and this did not disappoint.

I’m not saying that Benny Tudino’s serves the best pizza, but it does make a very good slice well worth the $4 price.

Some thoughts on the slice at Benny Tudino’s:

It’s safe to say that this is the biggest slice I’ve ever had. I liked that it was thin and not too heavy however, it was a bit floppy. If you decide to eat the slice my lifting and folding it, be careful. The slice was a bit on the greasy side and I did blot it with napkins a few bites in.

Overall, I found the slice to be well balanced and very tasty. No single ingredient really stood out. The sauce was slightly sweet and the crust while not bad, wasn’t worth eating at the end.

Lucas really loved the slice. Kim picked up her fork and knife to cut a piece off which I would not allow. I told her that if she’d like to try it, she’d need to use her hands. I held the slice for her as she gave it a try. After some laughter, she gave her approval!

Final Thoughts:

There’s some other places that I’d like to checkout in Hoboken and Jersey City. I hope to give Benny Tudino’s a try again in the future. It was a fun place to eat at with a tasty, above average (and massive) slice of pizza!

Benny Tudino’s is located at 622 Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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