Finding Pizza Excellence at Ollie’s In Upstate NY

pizzaAs many of you probably know, food is a big part of our travels and pizza is my favorite food…

When I first heard of Ollie’s, a new pizzeria opening in upstate NY, I immediately put it on my list of places that I wanted to check out. The space looked incredible and we figured that the pizza would be excellent considering one of the partners was Frank Pinello of Best Pizza and The Pizza Show.

Ollie’s is located in High Falls, NY. The shop is close to some other places we planned to visit upstate (Overlook Drive-In) so we headed there a couple of weeks back.When we arrived, we were really impressed. The building Ollie’s is located in looks something like a refurbished barn. The huge lawn had a good amount of picnic tables set up in a socially distanced manner.

All of the tables were full but we walked right up to place our order. Within moments, Kim found a table for us. After around 10 minutes our first pie arrived.

Roman Style Pizza- Grandma:
This Grandma pie is categorized on the menu as Roman Style Pizza. It didn’t appear to be Roman but it did look really good.

Theo was ready to dig.After taking a few photos, we were ready to give it a try.We were really impressed from first bite. The pie was on the thinner side while also being very light and almost squishy. The textures of the pie were awesome. The flavor was great too, highlighted by the flavorful, chunky sauce.

This is what I’d consider a better version of the Grandma slice from Brooklyn’s Best Pizza. (We stopped by Best recently to compare.)

Wood Fired Pizza- Margherita:Whenever we try out a new pizza shop, we have to order a Margherita. We need a baseline of what their pizza is like.

I would’ve liked to have tried this before the Grandma, but it came out second. No big deal…The Margherita looked delicious. I’d consider it along the lines of a personal pie but definitely a bit bigger.The Margherita was also on the thinner side, and it too was topped with a very flavorful sauce. The crust was very good and I would’ve liked some extra sauce to dip it in.

This was also very similar to Best Pizza but like I mentioned above however,  it was more personal pie than a pie to sell slices from.

We all found this pie to be tasty, but didn’t think it was as special as the Grandma.

Final Thoughts:

We all really enjoyed Ollies. The pizza was excellent and it’s a beautiful setting to enjoy some pizza al fresco.

I’d definitely like to visit Ollie’s again to try some of their other offerings. Next time, I’d get their white pie and garlic knots.

Bonus Tip:

If you do stop by Ollie’s make sure to check out Gnome Mountain.

Ollie’s is located at 4 Bruceville Road in High Falls, NY.

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