Our Visit To A Drive-In Pizzeria- Pizza Palace in Knoxville, TN

pizza palaceFor winter break 2019, we decided to head off on a Deep South Road Trip. While we hoped to fly to an international destination, a deal or award flight never materialized.

While on the way to our furthest destination, Birmingham, Alabama, we passed through Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knoxville was a good place for a pitstop to grab a bite to eat and take a break. It also just so happened to be home to a drive-in pizzeria, the Pizza Palace!

None of us have ever been to or even heard of a drive-in pizzeria before so we knew that we had to give Pizza Palace a try.a man and woman in a car with a menu boardWe pulled into Pizza Palace on a rainy night. While the shop wasn’t too busy, there were other cars coming and going during our visit.a man sitting in a carI pulled into a spot and looked over the menu through the car window.a menu on a screenAfter deciding on our order, we pressed the button on the menu box to order a Cheese Pizza and “Famous Spaghetti”.

The kids were amazed that we could order our food through the box outside the car.a hand holding a pizza boxWe waited patiently for our order to arrive. Around 15-20 minutes later, our pizza and spaghetti arrived.

This is what we saw when we opened the box.a pizza in a boxThe pizza didn’t look great but we were ready to give it a try.a hand holding a piece of pizza in a boxAfter looking at the bottom of the crust, I didn’t feel any more confident that this would be good pizza.a slice of pizza on a paper plateI picked up a slice, which felt on the heavier side and noticed just how cheesy this pizza was. There was also a good amount of grease which I could live without. The sauce was subtle and the slice had a decent saltiness to it. The crust, while not really crispy had a decent crunch on the edge.

Regardless, Pizza Palace got the job done. No, it wasn’t the best pizza but we’ve had far worse!

In the end, we all enjoyed this pizza in a weird way. I’d say that the overall experience of dining at a drive-in pizzeria really made this a fun time! (And just an FYI, Pizza Palace’s Famous Spaghetti was delicious, just be extremely careful eating it in your car!)

Have you ever been to a drive- in pizzeria?

Pizza Palace is located at 3132 Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee.

14 thoughts on “Our Visit To A Drive-In Pizzeria- Pizza Palace in Knoxville, TN

  1. Stephanie- 🙂

    Keith- LOL

    Greg Byerly- We were fine.

    Bridgette V- Thank you!

    Arthur H- A friend recommended A Dopo after we had already left and it was closed the day we drove back! Wish we had known about it.

    T- Thanks and the spaghetti was super enjoyable!

    Teresa Armstrong- Nice! Stick to your roots. 🙂

  2. I grew up eating at the Pizza Palace an still to this day I continue to drive from Maryville to Knoxville to get my sausage pizza… And the famous

  3. I live in Knoxville and I won’t go there after dark lol The food is good but the pizza is definitely not the best. I get anything but the pizza lol Glad you made it out safe

  4. Welcome to my home town. If you decide to come back through and want pizza (sit down) try A Dopo Sourdough Pizza in the Old City, amazingly delicious pizzas

    1. Sir, I live west from that area and have gone across town to the pizza palace several times and have never experienced any problems. It is a great restaurant and has been in the Knoxville area for over 50 yrs, hope you enjoyed it enough to try it again if you’re ever Traveling our way. Safe travels. Take care

  5. Your lucky you got out of that area without being mugged or carjack. Knoxville’s high crime area. Drugs prositution. Gangs. Bottom feeders The part of town if your white you want to drive 80 mph through

    1. Only people that happens to are the closed minded ignorant individuals who think they are better than the rest of us and maybe you make more money than me, but I have to say this makes me sick to read this! I, a white, educated, full time working woman, lives right on Magnolia and I’ve walked to the store and never once have I been even approached by anyone in any aggressive or threatening manner! I have shared the side walk with those prostitutes and, gang bangers as society calls them and I have also shared the life with addiction of my own! I, nor you are any different than anyone else in this world and shame on you for writing nasty things about another human being who you know nothing about, or what struggle they have endured daily! I will be praying that you are never in the situation your so quick to judge or that you never have to battle addiction or have to pick your own daughter up off a corner and rescue her from prostitution that was probably provoked by an over protective, controlling and afraid of the real world father! I sure hope you humble yourself someday and educate yourself and maybe spend some time in a meeting and listen to a story of someone’s life and learn empathy! Volunteer at a shelter and use some powerful words to one of us over here on the bad side of town! It might just change your life !

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