One of the Best Underrated Pizzerias in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Pizza New York City is filled with great places to get pizza and many of them have been around for a very long time.

We have Lombardi’s, American’s first pizzeria around since 1905, although not in its original location. Totonno’s has been serving up their excellent pies in Coney Island since 1924 and John’s of Bleeker St has been around since 1929. There are many other pizzerias around NYC that seem to have been around forever. One of my favorites, I feel doesn’t  get mentioned as much as it should.

Sam’s Restaurant on Court Street in Brooklyn has been around for over 80 years. Opened in 1930, it’s endured the good and bad of the area and will hopefully continue to serve pizza for many more years to come. Brooklyn Pizza While Sam’s does serve excellent pizza and other tasty Italian food, what makes it most appealing to me is the old-school vibe you have when you walk down the steps and head inside.

And just wait until you meet Louie, the owner, bar keep, waiter and jack of all trades. He still makes Lucas laugh every time we stop in.

I almost forgot to mention, I enjoy Sam’s so much that Kim and I decided to have Lucas’ first birthday party in the back room almost three years back. Brooklyn Pizza It’s a bit hard to see the restaurant’s setup but the tables are covered in red tablecloths with plastic covering them, the booths with red cushions also seem quite old. There is also a bar which looks like its probably been there since the restaurant first opened. Brooklyn Pizza We usually order a plain pizza (no slices are served here) and also love the chicken parmigiana which is around the size of a plate.

If you want to order a pie to go, you head to the back and order at an opening across from the pizza oven. Brooklyn Pizza I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a pizza oven like this at any other shop. Brooklyn Pizza The pizza is a pretty large pie. It’s saucy and a bit sweet with a somewhat squishy crust. There’s also a good amount of cheese which makes for a delicious slice. I’d even consider the slices to be a bit on the heavy side but not in a bad way. Brooklyn PizzaBrooklyn Pizza Overall, I’d consider Sam’s one of my favorite pizzas in all of New York City.

Step back in time and enjoy a pie, just bring a friend or be prepared to take home some leftovers. Don’t worry, they reheat well or taste fine cold!

Sam’s Restaurant is located at 238 Court Street in Brooklyn, New York.

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