A Mashup Of Cultures In El Salvador, The Pupusa Becomes The PuPizza!

pupusaDuring our visit to El Salvador, we had to try the national dish of El Salvador, the pupusa.

For those of you not familiar with the dish, the pupusa is “a thick handmade corn flour or rice flour flatbread stuffed with cheese, chicharrón, refried beans or loroco”, according to Wikipedia.

For the first dinner of our trip, we had some incredible pupusas in the town of Suchitoto. However, there was a not so traditional variety we heard about that we had to try.

While talking to our guide, I had mentioned how much we all love pizza. Due to this, he recommended Casa 1800, a hotel and restaurant which offers the Pupizza!

During our day in Suchitoto we wandered around and took a boat trip on the lake. We had a pretty big appetite by the time we were ready for lunch (and were pretty tired) so we hopped into an ultra-mini Bajaj QUTE to get to Casa 1800.

We already knew what we would be ordering. We ordered one PuPizza along with a couple of other things.a plate of quesadilla on a wood surfaceWhile the pupusa is a cheap meal, costing around 75¢- $1 a piece, the Pupizza came in at a not so cheap $9.99. However, the Pupizza was pretty heavy and large, making it very shareable and not such a bad deal.a man and child sitting at a table with a plate of foodBefore we dug in, it was time for a quick photoshoot!

We were pretty impressed from first bite. This pupusa was a bit different than the ones we had the previous night. Those were made with corn flour while the pupizza was made with rice flour.a plate with food on itThe pupizza had a somewhat soft texture and was easy to pickup and hold like a slice of pizza. The cheese and sauce filling was tasty, kind of reminding me of frozen pizza rolls, not in a bad way!

Final Thoughts:

We all really enjoyed the pupizza however, none of us preferred it to the traditional ones we had the evening before.

I’m pretty sure that a pupusa made with corn flour is just more enjoyable than those made with rice flour. Regardless, this was an awesome food mashup of cultures!

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