Review: Forget 7-Eleven, We Visited 24Seven in India!

24SevenDuring our trip to India during the Summer of 2019, we saw a bunch of familiar American fast food restaurants. We dined at McDonald’s a handful of times and KFC once (it was extremely spicy).

When purchasing drinks and snacks, we did so from shops which weren’t exactly what I’d consider to be stores.

Kim and I did read about a convenience store which sounded a lot like 7-Eleven. The store has the very creative name, 24Seven!a sign on a buildingWe had hoped to find a 24Seven but there weren’t many close to where we would be. However, during our last day in Delhi, we walked to a location a short distance from our hotel.

The 24Seven logo reminded me of TripAdvisor’s which I found a bit strange. The name and color scheme was reminiscent of  7-Eleven. (That made a bit more sense…)

When we walked into 24Seven, we were very impressed. It felt like we walked into a shop that we’d find at home. This was very unusual compared to what we were used to visiting throughout our time in India.a display case with food on itThe store had good air conditioning, lots of options for cold drinks, local & international snack options and the primary purpose for our visit, prepared foods!food in a container and a bag of foodThere were a lot of interesting options so we had to make some tough decisions.a boy holding a sandwichThe chicken croissant was a very tasty and a great deal at around $1.15US.a sandwich on a napkin

The Bun Samosa was an even bigger bargain at around 50¢US! I wish I could remember more about the item, but I’m pretty sure it was filled with (not overly) spicy potatoes. a close up of foodWe really enjoyed the Chicken Momos. At around 85¢US for an order of 4, we decided to double up. I’m glad that we did!a hand holding a piece of foodThe Chicken patty had nice layers of flaky pasty dough with spiced chicken in the middle. This was another bargain at around 80¢US.

Final Thoughts:

We really enjoyed the food at 24Seven. For a convenience store, I’d say that the prepared foods were pretty impressive.

It was also nice to try some local bites from a modern, air conditioned store. We were afraid to try street food due to worries about potentially getting food poisoning. It’s just too bad that we didn’t come across more locations during our travels around India.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Forget 7-Eleven, We Visited 24Seven in India!

  1. Fonzi- We’ve had food poisoning while traveling, I don’t regret not getting Delhi belly! lol We ate local food and were fine. We don’t regret not trying street food- at all.

  2. Delhi belly is part of Indian experience. I think you missed huge part of food culture. Many time the restaurants for tourist are more dangerous then street food stand.

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