Searching For A Dhaka Topi Traditional Hat In Nepal

nepalOver the years I’ve gotten much better at minimizing the amount of souvenirs (junk) that I purchase while traveling.

I remember coming home from Thailand (about 10 years ago) with an extra bag filled to the brim. Now it seems like many countries sell the same kind of this. Most of the time, if I am buying something it is for my boys.

However, there are a few items that I still like to purchase when visiting new places and one of them is traditional hats. (Click the link to find out about some of my other hat purchases from around the globe.)

During our visit to Nepal, we immediately noticed that many men were wearing an interesting hat. The hats came in different colors and patterns and seemed really cool.

I immediately decided that I had to find one of these hats and also figure out what the hat was called.

During our second day in the country, we decided to walk from our hotel in the Thamel neighborhood in Kathmandu to Durbar Square.

Along the way, we saw many tourist shops selling a variety of souvenirs and hiking gear. Then the shops changed to more local items for sale. As we walked through the muddy streets, I kept my eye out for a shop selling those local hats.

Finally, I noticed a small shop with a couple of mannequins wearing the hats.a store with mannequins and mannequinsThe store clerks were very nice but spoke very little English. After trying on a few, I found my size in what I felt was the best pattern. I was surprised to learn that the hat I selected only cost 400 Nepalese Rupee, around $3.50 US!

After buying the hat, I asked the shopkeeper what it was called. I am proud to say that I am an owner of a Dhaka Topi. (From what I understand, Dhaka Topi means traditional hat.)a man wearing a hat and sunglassesHappy with my purchase, I wore my Dhaka Topi for a few minutes before putting it away in my backpack for safekeeping!

Over the next few days in Nepal, I never again noticed a store selling this traditional hat. I’m definitely glad that I bought the hat when I saw it!

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