Get Around & Save A Small Fortune With Uber In India!

UberThe Michael W Travels family is on a month-long trip around South Asia.

During our trip, we’ve visited five countries. While visiting our third stop, I made it to my 100th country!

We’re currently traveling around India which is the final country we’ll be visiting during our trip.

Cities in India are huge. Getting around can be done with taxis, tuk tuks and other modes of transportation. While in Kolkata, we found Uber to be a great option.

Getting to places around 30-40 minutes away cost around $2.75. Talk about ridiculously cheap rides!

One issue with taking Uber in India are that the estimated times it takes for drivers to get to you is typically longer than we experience at home. We also had quite a few drivers cancel rides.

Regardless Uber in India is a huge bargain.

Here’s the best example.

During our stay in Kolkata, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency.

When I asked about an airport transfer at the hotel, I was told that it would cost ₹1,600, around $22US.

We originally thought it was a safe option. However, after thinking it over, we figured that if Uber got us around India over the course of various days, why shouldn’t it be reliable for an airport transfer?

The only issue I could come up with was that the cars used for the affordable Uber Go rides were super small. When I tried booking a Premier car (which should be a sedan), it was the same exact car as the cheaper option.

In the end, we booked an UberXL to get to the airport. The cars can fit groups of 6 so it’s going to be a larger vehicle.

Our Uber XL airport transfer cost ₹336.02., around $4.67US! (The Hyatt Regency’s price was almost 5X more expensive than Uber.)

So in the end, we saved over $17 by taking Uber to the airport in Kolkata, India.

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  1. With those rates you better be tipping them handily. After Ubers cut I’m sure those poor drivers are broke and their cars are falling apart

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