Find Out What Hyatt Did To Help Me Celebrate My 100th Country Visited!

HyattBack in August, the Michael W Travels family went on a four week trip to South Asia, visiting five countries along the way.

The third country we visited was Nepal. This was a very special visit as this was my 100th country visited! (For those curious about what list I follow, I go by the list of UN Member States which includes 193 countries.)

For the first night of our time in Nepal, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu.

After receiving a pre-welcome e-mail from the concierge, I mentioned that we were very excited for the visit. I shared how Nepal would be my 100th country visited. I got a very nice reply from the Guest Service Officer.

From the moment we arrived, we were extremely impressed with the hotel. The grounds are beautiful as is the lobby and public spaces.

We upgraded our award stay, for an extra 2,000 points (7K total) so we had club access which included some snacks (basically meals), breakfast and drinks. We checked into our room with the concierge in the club and then went to check out our room.

The room was very nice but what really impressed me was a little surprise waiting for us inside.hyattAs we made our way past the bathroom and closet we spotted a Himalayas mountain cakeAll around the Himalayas was the number 100 with a message “Welcome To The Land Of Himalayas.”

This was an amazingly thoughtful gesture on the part of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. The Hyatt made our stay feel extra special and even bigger fans of the brand!I had to pose with this awesome surprise before giving it a try.hyattTheo was intrigued by this edible mountain and gave it a good look and then we dug in.Hidden in the mountain of cream and frosting was some chocolate cake. I took one or two bites, Kim and Lucas may’ve too. Theo was a big fan. He had more of the cake after dinner and when we got back from visiting a temple before we checked out the following day.

Overall, it’s little things like this which can really make a stay extremely memorable. I want to give a special thanks to Guest Services Officer Kushal, he really went ABOVE and beyond!

Have you ever been surprised during a hotel stay? I might have one more story to share from the end of this month-long trip!

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2 thoughts on “Find Out What Hyatt Did To Help Me Celebrate My 100th Country Visited!

  1. That is so awesome! Really cool cake and an excellent job by the Hyatt staff at making that stay an even more memorable one!
    Our family stays at a certain Hyatt Regency about 10-14 times a year and twice, they had remembered it was my daughter’s birthday on two of those stays (I had mentioned it once months before when talking with someone there). They had a beautiful cake made and brought to our breakfast table! Very thoughtful!

  2. Charlie- Thanks, that’s incredible how the property remembered your daughter’s birthday! The personal touch matters and isn’t forgotten. I have to share another Hyatt experience from this trip at some point.

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