McDonald’s Now Has A Permanent Online Shop But…

McDonaldsMy kids are big fans of McDonalds, primarily for the Happy Meal toys and chicken nuggets. I’m also a big fan of McD’s but I’m only really excited about visiting while in an international destination.

McDonalds offers a taste of home while traveling but even more importantly, I love seeing what local menu items are available in other countries.

I’ve written reviews of many international McDonald’s restaurants. (Check out my reviews at the links below.)

I recently wrote about a McD’s in Baltimore offering an item for sale.

A couple of days back, I came across the article “McDonald’s Launched a Permanent Online Shop with All the Burger-Themed Apparel Your Heart Desires”, from

I was really interested in seeing what was for sale.

The site has three sections for products- Holiday, Apparel and Accessories.

There’s a pretty awesome holiday sweater which I definitely don’t need. Other apparel includes t-shirts, socks, a zip-up hoodie and winter hat. Accessories being offered include journals, metal pins, hair ties, bags and more.

I was most interested in purchasing a McDonalds t-shirt but there was a problem.

The t-shirts (and many other items) are already sold out!

The site does say limited quantities available but I couldn’t find any info stating if the items would be restocked again.

Even if the current items aren’t offered again, hopefully the new McDonalds shop will offer other items in the future.

Would you be interested in purchasing McD’s branded items?

Check out the McDonald’s online shop here.

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