This McDonalds In Baltimore Offers An Odd Item For Sale

McDonaldsWhen traveling internationally, I love visiting McDonalds to see what interesting, local menu items might be available.

At most McDonalds in the U.S., the menu tends to typically be the same. I have heard that a lobster roll might be available in New England. I’ve never seen it on a menu. From what I recall, it’s a seasonal item…

While visiting Baltimore, MD back in June, we stopped by a McD’s after the kids didn’t like the food at the restaurant we were dining at.

When we walked in, I was surprised by a couple of signs offering a bizarre item for sale.

McDonald’s was selling a bag of ice for $1.49 plus tax. I’ve never purchased ice in my life so I have no idea if this is a good deal or not.The ice being offered came in an 8 lb bag. Based on the second sign in the store I noticed, it was even branded with the Golden Arches.

If this was official McDonald’s ice, I wondered why it wasn’t named McIce? I also was curious if we could order a bag of ice with fries!

I’m not sure if all McD’s in Baltimore offer this bizarre item for sale. We visited the location at 33 W North Avenue.

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5 thoughts on “This McDonalds In Baltimore Offers An Odd Item For Sale

  1. On my trips over to the Phoenix area, I have seen that several McDonald’s sell bags of ice.

    Also, on your next trip to Orlando, stop at the McDonald’s at Sand Lake and International Dr.

    You will find pizza, made to order pasta, waffles (served all day), a large ice cream/desert counter area, and the second floor is a huge play area with pay amusement machines – quite a McDonald’s!


  2. Ice is pretty common, we buy pebbled ice all the time from Sonic, great for parties. As for the price? It doesn’t seem to highly priced. A 20lb bag of cubed at Costco is just under $2, but typically a 7-9lb bag at a grocery store is about $2

  3. SO_CAL- I believe you’re referring to the biggest McD’s in the world. The place is very cool but it appeared that the other food for sale wasn’t official McDonald’s food. There are lots of unique locations in the Orlando area. I meant to post about them but never got around to it.

    Gene- I can’t recall every buying a bag of ice.

    Robert- I’m not saying that it’s uncommon to see ice for sale, I’ve just never seen it for sale at McDonald’s!

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