Listen To Me On The NowBoarding Podcast!

podcastIn the summer of 2018, Ed Pizzarello, author of the blog Pizza In Motion launched the official BoardingArea podcast called NowBoarding. (Love the name!)

To start things off, Ed has been interviewing a different BoardingArea blogger each week.

This past week was my turn to be interviewed on NowBoarding.

I’ve listened to podcasts on occasion but this was my first time ever being on a podcast! I didn’t know what it would be like, but to sum it up best, it felt like I was having a conversation with a friend about travel.

It was definitely interesting and a lot of fun being on NowBoarding! I think I could’ve talked with Ed for hours!

In Episode 28 of the NowBoarding podcast, we chat about a little of everything related to travel. We talk about how I got into travel, blogging, family travel and places I’d love to go, among many other things…

Since the interview, I’ve been listening a bit more frequently to travel focused podcasts. They’re a fun way to learn about other bloggers and hear ideas and opinions related to all things travel. (This definitely sounds like a better option than listening to some of the crap on the radio!)

Take a listen here and find out more about my thoughts on travel on the NowBoarding podcast! I hope that you enjoy!

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