Shake Shack Opens Two More Airport Locations!

Shake ShackFor quite some time I’ve mentioned that Shake Shake was my favorite fast- casual burger shop.

Back in 2011, I went to the grand opening of the first Shack in Brooklyn. Recently, I shared a super- proud dad moment thanks to Shake Shack!

Food at airports used to be pretty underwhelming but it’s been improving in recent years.

In 2013 I was at JFK Airport for the opening of Delta’s T4. During that day I had an unlikely encounter with Richard Branson and also dined at the first airport location of Shake Shack!

Since then, I’ve dined at the two Shake Shack locations in T4 quite a few times. What I love most about these locations, is that you can get an awesome breakfast sandwich there! (The burgers and shakes are always excellent, too.)

Last summer, Shake Shack opened another domestic airport location at LAX. In July. I wrote that Shake Shack would be opening at NYC’s LaGuardia Airport! (The LGA Shack opened a month or two back.)

Yesterday I came across news that two more airports welcomed new Shake Shacks!

  • In Arizona, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s Shack opened in Terminal 3’s South Concourse near Gate F7.
  • In Texas, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s Shack opened in Terminal C near Gate C7.

It’s exciting to see more Shack’s opening at airports. You’re (pretty much) guaranteed a good meal at a reasonable price.

Are you a fan of Shack Shack?

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3 thoughts on “Shake Shack Opens Two More Airport Locations!

  1. When I’m traveling I try my hardest to eat well b/c I know that I’m out of my routine. Isn’t Shake Shack just another (tasty) calorie bomb type of place? I feel so crappy loading up on that stuff. Of course, if the choice was SS or Aunt Annnie’s it’s SS all the way.

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