Super Proud Dad Moment Inspired By Shake Shack!

Shake Shack
Wearing our Shack shirts at the Acropolis

Last week, Kim and I went up to Lucas’s new school for Open School Night.

Lucas started first grade in the Gift & Talented program at his school. The program comes with a lot of work and learning both in school and at home thanks to lots of homework!

After arriving at our scheduled time, we still had to wait around 10 minutes before going in to talk to his teacher.

This was a great opportunity to check out some of the work samples hanging on the walls and bulletin board outside of the classroom.

After looking at a couple of samples, we came across this gem about Shake Shack!shake shackThe story is about Lucas and me going to our favorite burger chain, Shake Shack.

Before I got past the first page, I was cracking up laughing. Yes, I was proud to see Lucas writing about something we enjoy doing together- going out for a tasty meal!

While the story wasn’t easy to read (see if you can decipher his inventive spelling), there’s lots of info and details about our visits.

Check it out:shake shackLook at the attention to detail. The sign is colored-in in Shake Shack green and there’s even a burger present.shake shackI love how Lucas highlighted the burger in each picture by coloring it in.a child's drawing on a piece of paperLots of thought went into this story as you can see by the text boxes in his drawings.shake shackIf you couldn’t figure out some of the words, let me know and I’ll try to help you out.

After seeing Lucas’s story, it made me wonder- can the Michael W Travels family be the biggest Shake Shake fans?

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2 thoughts on “Super Proud Dad Moment Inspired By Shake Shack!

  1. Kate-Thanks for the comment. Interesting point of view regarding the name G&T. However, I do not see how the name suggests anything negative towards others and warrants a name change.

  2. Our county, Fairfax county Va, a suburb of DC, also used to refer to it as the gifted and talented program. Thank goodness, they finally changed it to accelerated learning . The problem with GT is that it suggests to the other students that they are NOT gifted and talented. I understand you are a proud Dad, and I wish your son the best. Maybe you can consider proposing a similar renaming in your area…

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