Netflix Pisses Jordanians Off, Filmed Amman Street As Israel

NetflixSince signing up for T-Mobile around a year back we’ve really enjoyed the free Netflix subscription.

Netflix makes lots of people happy by offering excellent original programming and some solid movie options. However, the streaming service just managed to piss off the country of Jordan.

The reason why some Jordanians are annoyed is laughable in some ways if you ask me.

Netflix was filming a scene in the country’s capital, Amman when they transformed it “into an Israeli street and sparking an outpouring of anger from Jordanians hostile to Israel“, according to

Rainbow Street was closed for most of a day for the filming where “the set featured Hebrew-language street signs, cars with Israeli number plates and actors dressed as Israel Defense Force soldiers“.

According to the article, the street was being transformed for the shoot to stand in as Tel Aviv.

Jordan and Israel have diplomatic relations but the two countries wouldn’t exactly be considered allies. Many people in Jordan have a strong dislike for Israel…

After some Jordanians complained to the Royal Film Commission, a statement was released stating that they had given approval for an American film to be made in Amman not an Israeli production.

Some of you would probably wonder why Netflix wouldn’t just film a scene taking place in Tel Aviv in… Tel Aviv! In the end it comes down to money. It’s much cheaper to film in Jordan than Israel.

I guess it’s kinds of like filming a production in Canada meant to portray the US, just with added politics involved.

Find out more from Yahoo here.

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