Shake Shack South Korea, Just About As Good As Shacks in the US!

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The Michael W Travels family loves burgers and our favorite fast-casual style burger is served at Shake Shack.

Shake Shack began as a small cart in Madison Square Park in NYC and slowly grew as a chain to what it is today. The company is now listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has a presence in 18 states and Washington, D.C. There are also international locations in 11 countries.

Besides enjoying Shake Shack in many states, we’ve also dined at locations in Qatar and the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). We found the food in the Middle East locations to be very good but a bit different than US Shacks. The biggest differences were in the taste of the burger meat and the cheese sauce.

During our trip to South Korea, I mentioned to Kim that besides trying out McDonald’s, I had to dine at one of the Shake Shakes located in Seoul.

It turned out that the final meal of our trip would be at the Shake Shack on Gangnam Avenue. The restaurant was a short ride from our hotel, the Intercontinental Seoul COEX.

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During our stop at Shake Shack, Kim and I each had a burger (mine is the one without veggies), Lucas had a hot dog and we shared fries with cheese (on the side) and one of the local Concretes called Shack Attack.

McDonalds KoreaShake Shack Gangnam is a very big restaurant. There are multiple areas to sit but when we went it was very busy. Luckily, Kim found us a booth to sit in while I waited for our order.

From what I could tell, the crowd was mixed with locals and tourists. Based on our visit, we could tell that Shake Shack was quite popular in South Korea!

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Kim and I both felt that our burgers tasted just about the same as they do at Shake Shacks in the US. I don’t know what kind of meat is used in South Korea locations, but it tasted just as good as the Pat LaFrieda beef used at home.
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The burger was cooked with a nice char on the edges and the Shack sauce also seemed the same as at home.

Overall, Kim and I really enjoyed our burgers and it was a fine last meal for our trip.

The french fries also seemed to be as good as the crinkle cut fries served in the US. They were crispy and tasty, also hitting the spot. From what I recall, the cheese sauce was a bit different than at US Shacks. It wasn’t as good but it was still very tasty.

Lucas enjoyed his hotdog. It was split down the middle when cooked which allowed for it to be grilled nicely throughout. I had a taste and would definitely order it if I wasn’t in the mood for a burger.

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We ordered a double Concrete called Shack Attack which is made with chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle  cookie dough, chocolate chunks and crunchy chocolate pearls.

When you order this particular Concrete, 5% of the sales go to benefit the Visual School, a community for children’s education and activity. Just imagine, you can enjoy a tasty treat while also helping out!

Kim, Lucas and I really loved the Shack Attack. There was a lot going on here but it was really yummy. The chocolate truffle cookie dough was my favorite topping included with the custard. Even though it was loaded with various chocolate items, the Concrete wasn’t overly sweet. It was a good balance of custard and chocolate pieces.

FYI- The Shack Attack was Lucas’s favorite part of the meal!

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Shake Shack Gangnam Avenue, Seoul, South Korea. All of the items we tried were really good and it wasn’t much different than eating at a Shake Shack in the US.

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