You Can Get A Gluten Free Bun At Shake Shacks Nationwide

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Shake Shack is my favorite fast- casual restaurant due to consistently excellent food being served at all of their locations. From great burgers to really tasty shakes, everything on the Shack menu is pretty much a hit (besides the soft pretzel at this year’s Shacktoberfest).

Now Shake Shack will be an appealing to those who are on a gluten free diet. Let me explain…

Up until a couple of days back, if you were gluten free, your best bet was to order a burger on a lettuce wrap if you wanted to enjoy the great taste of Shake Shack. But now there is a new option so you can enjoy a burger like most of us do.

Grub Street reports that “Shake Shack has introduced¬†gluten-free buns for the first time“.

Gluten free buns are now available at all Shacks nationwide, except stadiums and ballparks. (Sorry gluten free Mets fans.)

This is great news if you happen to be on the diet but it will cost you. The new bun option will set you back an extra $1.

Are you a fan of Shake Shack? If so, what’s your favorite item(s) on the menu?

Find out more from Grub Street here.

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2 thoughts on “You Can Get A Gluten Free Bun At Shake Shacks Nationwide

  1. Considering the medical fact that 98% of people are not gluten-sensitive, where is a value in this information ?

  2. Sergei Traveler- It’s valuable because I’m a fan of Shake Shack and many people are choosing to eat gluten free whether it’s for medical need or a choice.

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