Can This Kickstarter Product Improve Your Inflight Comfort?

image: Kickstarter: NapUp Fly

I think most of us would agree that flying isn’t the most comfortable activity and the lack of leg space isn’t usually the biggest problem.

I find the biggest issue to be with my neck. When I lean back in the seat, my head touches the headrest and my shoulders/ back touch the seat. However, this creates a space without support for my neck.

To deal with this issue, I usually bring a small pillow given to Lucas by Singapore Airlines when he was around 7-8 months old.

This pillow definitely helps, but there’s got to be a better solution! (I do not travel with a neck pillow since I find them to be bulky.)

I came across a Kickstarter campaign a few days back for an interesting item called NapUpFly.

According to Kickstater, “NapUp FLY is a unique, ergonomic and supportive in-flight personal sleep system“.

The way NapUp Fly works is:

  • Attach the NapUp Fly to any headrest
  • Sit back and relax as it holds your head upright
  • NapUp Fly has a forehead strap which “cradles your head”
  • One version also has integrated headphones
  • Store it in the included carrying case which looks like a small, hardshell amenity kit

The main thing I like about NapUp Fly is that it helps to avoid “head flops“. I didn’t know that there was a name for this but I always find it painful when this happens and I catch myself mid-air from falling forward!

One thing I was confused about was how you strap the NapUp Fly to the headrest? It appears that it goes around the seat which could be a problem for the person sitting behind you.

Final Thoughts:

The NapUp Fly is an interesting solution to help end neck pain on flights. I just wonder if it will be a pain to install. It also looks a bit ridiculous but if it increases in flight comfort, does it really matter?

I’m still debating whether or not to give the NapUp Fly a shot by backing their Kickstarter campaign. There are a bunch of different offers available, with the cheapest option going for $35.

Find out more about NapUp Fly by checking out their Kickstarter campaign here.

(The link above is a referral link. If you purchase a NapUp Fly, I may be compensated.)

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