Did I Receive A Chase Ink Bold Retention Offer?

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In June 2016 I tried to get a retention offer on my Chase Ink Bold card.

I didn’t want to pay the $95 fee but I did love the ability to earn 5X points on spend at office supply stores and on cable and cell phone bills. I failed to receive an offer so I went ahead and closed my account.

Around a month later I had second thoughts. I called up Chase and asked about reinstating my account. There was also some issue with remaining points which I don’t exactly recall. (At the time I still had the Chase Ink Business Plus card, too.)

Once my card was reinstated I was never billed the $95 fee so I ended up getting the annual fee waived more or less…

So now here we are in June 2017 and the annual fee has once again posted to my Chase Ink Bold card. I definitely still see a huge value in earning 5X points at the places I mentioned above but is it worth $95 to do so?

I earn 5X points on our cell phone bill and cable/ internet bill every month. I also purchase gift cards at Staples for our purchases at Target, Amazon, Shell & BP Gas and more.

I earned around 50,000 points due to purchases made in the bonus categories over the past year. (I didn’t have the card last July.) I’d say that earning this amount of points is definitely worth a $95 annual fee. What do you think?

I still decided to call Chase to see if there was any bonus or retention offers for my account, not that I really expected one.

The conversation was quick. After the rep took a moment to check, he let me know that my account had no offers. He said I could pay the fee or close the account. I was also told that I had 30 days from when the fee was billed to close the account to get the fee back.

While I would’ve liked more incentives to keep my account opened, I still decided to pay the $95 annual fee. I can’t imagine not earning 5X points!

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8 thoughts on “Did I Receive A Chase Ink Bold Retention Offer?

  1. I haven’t paid the annual fee in years, but I have the original Ink Bold with spending bonuses (instead of category bonuses) and have always spent well over $100K on the card every year. Each time I call, I ask them to look at the spending and they automatically waive the fee due to that (the reps have actually told me that this was why they could waive the fee). With that card I get 1.7 points per dollar for all spending for the first $100K and have two Ink Cash cards for the category bonuses.

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