Did I Receive A Retention Offer for the AAdvantage Aviator Red Card?

Did I Get An AAdvantage Aviator Red Retention Offer?

Last year I received a retention offer for my AAdvantage Aviator Red credit card.

The offer wasn’t a lucrative way to earn a bunch of miles but the annual fee was waived on my card. This gave me another year to try out the card with no strings attached.

The annual fee came up once again for my AAdvantage Aviator Red card and I had a decision to make. Do I pay the fee, cancel the card or call up and ask for a retention offer?

The decision was easy. I wasn’t going to pay the $89 annual fee since I didn’t feel that I received benefits to warrant shelling out that kind of money. However, I was going to call in to see if there were any offers available for me. If not, I’d close my account.

I called in and explained that I was thinking about closing my account. The rep said she was sorry to hear that. She then mentioned that I would be transferred to an account specialist who could help me out. Then a moment later she said that she could close the account for me.

That definitely moved fast!

I then asked if there were any offers to waive the annual fee or get bonus miles etc… She immediately said that there were no offers for the account.

When I was asked if I’d like to go ahead and close my account, I replied yes and that was it. In a few minutes my account was closed.

I’ll probably give it some time and then apply for the AAdvantage Aviator Red from Barclaycard. I’m curious to see how that goes.

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6 thoughts on “Did I Receive A Retention Offer for the AAdvantage Aviator Red Card?

  1. Had my wife call for her card a couple weeks ago. They first asked if she wanted to downgrade the card and we declined. They then transferred her to a specialist, where she again said we were thinking about closing the account. They offered to waive the fee, and then also offered a spending bonus of 5,000 points for $1,000 spend in 3months. Of course she took the offer.

  2. Yeah, same deal for me. Offered to increase my CL without a hard pull, and gave me a 25% increase on miles earned from spend in the first quarter of 2017, but that’s it. I was hoping for a fee waiver/credit. I’ve got the grandfathered version which gives a “free” 10k miles upon each account anniversary, so I decided it’s worth keeping for that, plus the free bag and 10% rebate on redeemed miles (up to 10k annually).

  3. Please keep us posted on how you make out on your future re-application for the AAdvantage Aviator Red credit card. I might have to the same. Thanks —-

  4. JEM- Lucky you! I was told no!

    Al- Not bad at all! The rep was going to transfer me and then told me she could just close it herself. It was odd…

    Wes- Definitely decent reasons to keep the card. I was definitely OK with closing it.

    Toddo- I definitely will do!

  5. 25% bonus on spend (which may be a public offer, not really retention), but no fee waiver. after paying the $89, i then upgraded the Card to Silver. I can get a free Global Entry credit out of that, and then cancel the card – offsets the $89.

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