Did I Get A Wyndham Rewards Credit Card Retention Offer?

Wyndham Rewards

The Wyndham Rewards credit card isn’t a card that I frequently use so when the annual fee posted I figured that it would be an easy decision to close the account.

It wouldn’t hurt to call in to inquire about a retention offer. However, I never really got a chance to do so.

Let me explain.

I mentioned to the rep that I wanted to close my account. When I was asked why, I stated that I don’t use my card much anymore and didn’t want to pay the fee.

I was then transferred to an account specialist. The specialist said that she didn’t want to lose me as a customer and asked if I had any Wyndham stays coming up. I was also told about all of the card benefits and that it was a good card!

Before I had a chance to ask for a retention offer, I was given an offer. If I spend $1,000 on my card in the next 90 days, I’d then receive 5,000 bonus points. This sounded decent since I’d be 33% of the way to another free night.

However, I said that I’d still rather not pay the fee.

The rep then offered to split the fee and said she could waive $34.50. This was interesting…

While the full fee could not be waived, I was offered the fee to be split along with the offer of 5,000 bonus points for spending $1,000 in 90 days.

I decided to accept the offer and pay half of the annual fee. I figured that with the 5K bonus points and another offer I was considering, I’d then be close to earning another free night. (I currently have enough Wyndham points for 4 free nights.)

So what do you think, is keeping the Wyndham Rewards card open and getting a 5,000 bonus points offer worth paying $34.50 for?

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11 thoughts on “Did I Get A Wyndham Rewards Credit Card Retention Offer?

  1. I had my identity stolen and I called into Wyndham see if they would replace the 10100 points that was on my account. To no Prevail I spent four days on the phone hanging up calling back hanging up calling back has every time I got hung up on I would give more more aggravated because I was a platinum account holder at the time now that I am a diamond account holder there is still nothing to be done for my satisfaction It’s just sad customer service is not worth it

    1. I think this was a limited time promo from last year around late May according to my worksheet. I asked the rep a few weeks ago to confirm that the 15K is for every year after my annual fee is paid and she confirmed it. If it ever dips to 6K, I’m definitely not going to keep the card.

      Still kicking myself because I didn’t call earlier to see if I can get the fee waived. Supposedly I’m over the 30 day limit to get it refunded or anything credited. I thought it was 60 days but will try calling again to see if another rep says the same thing.

  2. Allen- This is my first time renewing. Is this due to calling in or from the card’s terms? I only see a 6K annual bonus which did not post to my account as of yet.

    DavidNJ- Wow- sounds like you were given a nice gift!

    JEM- YES! I totally forgot to include/ overlooked the 6K bonus. Waiting for it to post so I will be close to another free night.

    Kevin- I don’t recall if the annual bonus was higher. That would definitely be nice though!

    Larry D- Good luck on getting the card again and please let us know how that goes.

    DJ- Definitely good to know!

    1. Kind of late on this but had to wait for the billing cycle to close first. I can confirm that AFTER paying the annual fee, those of us who had the 15,000 anniversary bonus will get that amount each year. Unless someone chose a very low category property, the $69 annual fee can get you a free night at a very nice hotel.

  3. The Wyndham card is totally churnable. Cancel it and reapply in a couple months to get the full sign up bonus again. That’s what I did.

  4. Closed my Wyndham card last week. Tried to get it waived. Barclays said no and I asked for a spend incentive and they indicated that they didn’t have anything for me. I’m fine with that as I’ll probably reapply in the next 6 months or so

  5. It looks like we applied for this card around the same time. I could have sworn that they said we were going to get an annual bonus of 15K points (not 6K like now) if we applied back then. Trying to find the T&C that I thought I saved but can’t locate it now. If it’s 15K annually, I’ll pay the $69 fee without any hesitation even though it’s only one night.

  6. Don’t you also get a 6K anniversary bonus with the AF card? So that would be 11K points for $34.50. If you manufacture another $2K of spend at 2X (at, say, a cost of $20), you’ll have a ‘free’ night for about $55. Pretty good deal for the higher end properties.

  7. Wife and I both had the AF waived last week and we received the 5K bonus offer like you. In addition, I noticed today that I was awarded 15K points for car rental bonus. I didn’t rent a car w/ the card nor do I have any charges for a rental car.

  8. I receive 15,000 points every time I renew my membership, to me this is the best retention perk.

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