Did I Get A Chase Ink Plus Retention Offer?

Chase Ink Plus

The fee recently came up for my Chase Ink Plus business credit card and I had a decision to make. I could pay the $95 annual fee or call in hoping to receive a retention offer.

I called in to Chase, hoping for to get an offer similar to what I received last year. 

(A few weeks back I wrote a post about getting a Chase Ink Bold retention offer. With no bonus offer received, I decided to close my account.)

When I called in to Chase, I mentioned that I was thinking of closing my Ink Plus card and asked if there were any bonus offers. The rep told me that she could “definitely take a look and didn’t want to lose me as a customer“.

Shortly after, she came back and told me that the system was declining the fee being waived. She also let me know that we could look at other possibilities.

I was curious to find out what these other possibilities could be but would ultimately not be impressed.

Since the system did not generate any bonus offers I could pay the fee to keep my account open. The other option was to do a product change to a no fee Chase Ink Cash.

In my post about my Chase Ink Bold, a few readers mentioned doing a product change which I said  I wasn’t a fan of doing unless I got a bonus.

However, with the prospect of losing the ability to earn 5X points at office supply stores and on cell phone/ cable bills, I had to seriously consider the offer this time.

The rep went over the benefits of switching: there’s no annual fee, the card account # does not change and I’d still earn 5X points on cable, phone, internet & office supply up to $25K, instead of up to $50K with the Ink Plus.

In the end, I decided to accept the offer to switch my account to a Chase Ink Cash.

What do you think- good move or should I have just closed the account?

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4 thoughts on “Did I Get A Chase Ink Plus Retention Offer?

  1. My AF will be due this month for both CSP and Ink Plus. I have an Ink Cash now and 2 Freedoms. Deciding between keeping 2 Ink Cash and CSP or
    Ink Plus, Ink Cash, 2 Freedoms and Freedom Unlimited.

  2. Chase is not playing ball anymore. Called and received the same response: convert to Ink Cash. Chase Ink Plus has 180 day fee refund policy. I’ll probably call after 170 days and convert to Cash

  3. I had the same dilemma the other week and was on the phone with the rep for over 5 minutes with him explaining all the benefits. There were no retention offers or annual fee waivers. I told him if there were no other options I will choose the option to downgrade to Ink Cash then. At that last moment, he said that he can “credit” $95 to my account. I said “you mean waive the annual fee”. He says “no, credit your account with $95”. I know what it meant and of course took him up on that offer and since received the $95 back already. Not sure if he’s just saying it using those words since the line was recorded but I’m sure we all knew what it meant.

    Last year I paid $95 and got 10K points as a retention offer after a certain spending requirement I think. Glad Chase is still doing some form of retention.

    We can always hang up and try again but sooner or later if all the reps are told no retention offers at all, I’m sure we’ll h ave no option but to do a product change. Hopefully it won’t be anytime soon, but if it does happen Chase won’t budge, I’ll downgrade it. Don’t think it’s easy to get new Chase cards that easily for those of us who don’t pass the 5/24 rule.

  4. With 5/24, I wouldn’t be eligible to get the Ink Cash anyway. My office supply store spending is generally under $25k now that it is harder and harder to liquidate $200 VGC, so I probably would have made the same choice.

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