New Zealand Town Will Give you $160,000 To Work There

New Zealand
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Have you ever wanted to pick up and move to a new destination far from home? If so, maybe you should consider heading to New Zealand.

A small New Zealand town has lots of jobs available but not enough people to do them. So what’s a small NZ town to do? Try to get people to move there by offering a very generous recruitment campaign!

Kaitangata is home to just 800 residents with only two young people unemployed in the town. Yes two!

The problem according to T+L is that “There are more than 1,000 vacant jobs, according to mayor Bryan Cadogan, many in dairy processing plants and freezing works“. To try to lure people to move to the area, “the town is offering housing and land packages worth about NZ $230,000” which comes to around US $160,000.

The town of Kaitangata sounds safe and a decent place to live. T+L mentions that the town’s mayor Bryan Cadogan told The Guardian that it’s an old-fashioned community- they don’t lock their doors and they let their kids run free.

Would a $160,000 offer give you a reason to consider moving to Kaitangata, New Zealand? I think it sounds pretty cool but I’ll stick to living where I am!

Find out more from T+L here.

Update: People are not being paid to move to Kaitangata. The offer is for people to purchase land and home packages for NZ $230,000. Find out more here.

6 thoughts on “New Zealand Town Will Give you $160,000 To Work There

  1. Jim- Good luck!

    Sean, Jeremy W & Trent- Thanks for the info. I have added an update to the post. Due to the title of T+L’s article, it seemed as though the offer meant giving.

  2. Uhm they are not giving you a property worth $160K they’re SELLING you a $160K property which you have to pay for

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