Check Out This Awesome TripAdvisor Style Review

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Most people know TripAdvisor as a popular site to visit to get some info and other traveler’s opinions before booking a hotel stay. The site also offers tips on attractions and other things.

Last summer I came across ToiletAdvisor while Kim, Lucas and I were traveling around Oman during our trip to the Middle East Gulf States.

Maybe TripAdvisor should add another category…

The other day I learned about a funny TripAdvisor style review about a jail. Yes a jail!

Mashable shared the details of a 24-year-old man being held for “criminal damage” by the West Midlands police in Birmingham, UK who “recounted his 16-hour visit at the Perry Barr station“.

He was brought in on June 29 and the police provided the pen and paper with which the review was written.

The man gave the Perry Barr Police Station an overall score of 3/5 stars and the Birmingham PD must’ve been happy with the review- they shared it on their Facebook page!

The man noted how the cell was clean and had nice decor- “neutrally decorated to please all parties but done to a high standard“. He also thanked staff for the pen and paper!

There were also some negatives. A hair was seen on the toilet and “his neighbor kept screaming swears during his stay“.  He also felt that “tea could’ve been provided in a more timely manner“.

The West Midlands Police Department felt that they run a 5 star facility and mentioned why in a comment on Facebook, “it’s designed to be safer for staff and guests and the more efficient check-in process means we can get arresting officers back out on the streets more quickly“.

Find out more about the jail review from Mashable here.

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