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New Year’s Traditions Around the World

New Years Traditions
image: Wikimedia Commons

When I think of New Years celebrations around the world, fireworks are what come to mind. There are also various lit-up things that drop- most famously the ball in Times Square in NYC.

There’s also lots of partying, excuses to wear silly hats & glasses and restaurants over-charging to eat out on this very special night. Continue reading New Year’s Traditions Around the World

Bizarre New Years Eve Traditions Around the World

new years eve traditions
So weird…

First off, I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year’s and hope that 2014 was a great one in all aspects of life (including travel of course)!

For my last post of 2014 I thought it would be fitting to share a fun articleI found from Buzzfeed.

While I find New Year’s Eve to be a highly overrated night, there are a variety of traditions around the world that countries follow.  Continue reading Bizarre New Years Eve Traditions Around the World

Uber Reminder About Surge Pricing For New Years Eve

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.00.28 PM

With New Years Eve coming tonight Uber sent out an e-mail to give some quick pro tips for getting around with Uber. The main purpose of the message is to inform everybody that Surge Pricing will be in effect during certain hours of the evening.

When I started skimming over the e-mail, I immediately felt that this message went out to remind (warn) potential Uber users in advance of upcoming ridiculously high prices if you plan to use the service.

Continue reading Uber Reminder About Surge Pricing For New Years Eve

Happy New Years From Nashville

a man and woman standing in front of a stage with a baby

Kim, Lucas and I want to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Hopefully 2013 will bring great mileage earning opportunities and plenty of travel for all.
We already have flights booked for three trips with more to come. I’ll be mentioning where we’re going in future posts. We’re planning our trips early this year!
This year we got to spend the last days of 2012 in Louisville & Nashville. Check out my posts about Day 1 and Day 2. I’ll be posting about Days 3 & 4 very soon.

Nashville hosts a big event called Music City New Year’s Eve Bash On Broadway. The event features performances by some bands and they countdown to midnight with the Music Note Drop. Streets are closed all over the downtown area and vendors are out selling food, drinks and souvenirs.

I had hoped to check out the Bash on Broadway but it wasn’t the best idea due to my little man Lucas. The weather has been chilly in Nashville and it’s been drizzling/ raining on and off all day. (Lucas also needs his beauty sleep way before midnight!)

a man jumping in the air
My last jump of 2012

We decided to walk to the end of Broadway to get a closer look at the New Years Stage & Music Note.

During our stop near the stage, we figured it was a great time to take some photos. The area had lots of activity going on. Last minute preparations were being made and many others seemed to have the same idea as us- get some photos before the crowds showed up.

a city street with people walking on it
Nashville’s Broadway

Once again, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year from the Michael W Travels Family!

Happy New Year!

The Colosseum

Last year my wife and I spent the holidays in Italy. (I mentioned here why we are at home in NY this year)

For New Years Eve we hung out by the Colosseum in Rome. It was probably one of the best New Years celebrations that I have ever been to. While I don’t usually like fireworks, it was pretty amazing seeing the fireworks over the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine. Continue reading Happy New Year!