Hoping For A New Years Day American Airlines Bump!

American AirlinesHappy New Year from Memphis, Tennessee!

We’re set to fly home to New York City on American Airlines a little later in the day. When I went to check in online, a very enticing potential offer popped-up in the AA app.

American Airlines might be looking for volunteers to give up their seats for our flight.

If interested in accepting a bump (and taking a later flight), we could let the airline know what kind of voucher we’d be willing to accept. The offers were all pretty reasonable, $300, $450, $550 or $675.

While we do need to get home today, potentially getting a voucher is too hard to pass up. Kim and I figured we wouldn’t select the highest or lowers amounts being offered.

For $550, we’d be willing to take a later flight.

After selecting the amount we’d accept, American Airlines showed two future flights to choose from.

Our current flight departs at 1:33PM getting us home at 5:04PM.

One flight option doesn’t leave until 6:00AM on Sunday. This will definitely not work for us.

The other flight options leaves around 4:00PM and connects to another flight. This option would get us home at 10:40PM, around six hours later than we had planned.

If we’re needed for the bump and can get $550 vouchers, getting home just six hours later, I think it’s a deal I’d be thrilled be make! What do you think?

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