Uber Reminder About Surge Pricing For New Years Eve

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With New Years Eve coming tonight Uber sent out an e-mail to give some quick pro tips for getting around with Uber. The main purpose of the message is to inform everybody that Surge Pricing will be in effect during certain hours of the evening.

When I started skimming over the e-mail, I immediately felt that this message went out to remind (warn) potential Uber users in advance of upcoming ridiculously high prices if you plan to use the service.

Why the warning? Recently, I wrote about Uber charging $94 for a 2 mile car ride in NYC due to Surge Pricing. Many Uber users seemed to be surprised by the exorbitant charges they received for rides during a snow storm.

Uber expects overly high demand for cars during New Years Eve so they put together a handy chart showing the Best Times for an Affordable Rate.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.54.58 PMHere is some info about Suge Pricing (from the e-mail from Uber)

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When reports of the high prices with Uber came out due to Surge Pricing, some riders claimed to have been told one price to only get charged much higher.

Uber says that there are No Surprises and will give you a fare quote which will always take the current rates into account.
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So what do you think- is it worth using Uber or will you just call a traditional car service or hail a cab if you need one tonight? I think it’s great how transparent Uber is being but if I was in need of a cab, I don’t think Uber would be the option that I’d use.

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Happy New Years! 

3 thoughts on “Uber Reminder About Surge Pricing For New Years Eve

  1. Noah- Interesting thoughts related to Uber’s Surge Pricing and a competitor. I was under the impression that Uber cars also cancel after a request is confirmed. Am I mistaken?

    Wendy- The option to call AAA to get home is pretty amazing. I am curious- where is it that you live? Your NYE plan sounds like a wise one. We’ll be spending the night at home this year too on what most would agree is the most over-rated night of the year.

  2. Uber’s surge pricing is annoying, but it guaruntees you a car. Carmel is trying to market the hell out of their (non-surge) rates, but how many times have I called Carmel for them to say they dont have a car to honor my reservation? This is the market at work, for better or worse…

    1. I live in a city that Uber does not service. But 90 percent of the people in this area have a car to get you where you want to go. If you want a ride home from a New Years Eve party tonight you just have to call AAA. They will see that you and your car will get home via tow truck at no charge. Not that I plan on using it. My car is in the garage out of the cold and snow we are supposed to get tonight. I plan on surfing the internet and getting drinking peppermint tea. I have a tradition of hibernating on New Years Eve.

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