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Jumping By the Georgia State Capitol

During our visit to Atlanta I was happy to see that the Georgia State Capitol building was located downtown and was easy to get to from some of the other sites.

Over the years I’ve visited quite a few state capitol buildings and definitely wanted to stop by Georgia’s too. I always make sure to get some jumping shots and (if possible), I like to go inside to learn more about the history of the state and the building.

Here are a some of the capitols that I’ve visited:

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A Burger Worth Waiting For: Holeman & Finch, Atlanta

Holeman & Finch Burger

Burgers rank up their as my favorite food just behind pizza. When visiting a new city, I always try to seek out what’s considered to be the best burger out there.

Since starting my blog, I’ve written about burgers many times. (There are links to some of them at the end of this post.)

I heard about Holeman & Finch Public House a few years back on one of the food-related television shows. I wasn’t sure which show featured it so I went to the trusty TV Food Maps app to look it up.

Holeman and Finch can be a very hard burger to get your hands on. Each night only 24 burgers are made. Burger time is at 10:00 PM but you can reserve your burger at any time during service. Continue reading A Burger Worth Waiting For: Holeman & Finch, Atlanta

Uber Adjusts Fare, Refunds Me $24

A couple of weeks back I finally got to try out Uber while in Atlanta. After the ride, I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and asked if anyone could explain.

During our Uber ride, we were given an estimate of $28-$36 to take us from the Delta Flight Museum to Turner Field. Since I had a $35 Uber credit this seemed like a great time to use it. After a bit of traffic, it turned out that our fare came to $55.

A short while after the ride ended, a short survey came up in the Uber app. It asked to rate the driver from 1-5 and leave comments about the ride (or something to that extent).

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Atlanta Trip Planning

Image from Google Maps

A couple of weeks back we went to Atlanta over the holiday weekend. The first question we kept getting was- why Atlanta? My reasoning was no different than most of our other trips: Why not? The two main things I wanted to do were to check out another baseball stadium, Turner Field- home of the Atlanta Braves. And secondly,  just to visit a new state (although we only got to visit one city in Georgia).

Putting together our trip was relatively easy and cheap thanks to miles & points. Without miles & points I doubt that we would’ve taken this trip at all. It woud have been a pretty costly long weekend.

During our trip, the weather in Atlanta was really nice. It was pretty hot but with little humidity- making for some pretty comfortable weather. We did get caught in the rain heading back from the Braves game during our last day but it didn’t mess up our plans!

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Delta Flight Museum Just Re-Opened, It’s Awesome

When I booked our flight to Atlanta I was disappointed to hear that the Delta Flight Museum was closed for renovations. It was actually supposed to reopen a few weeks after we were in town.

I decided to give the museum a call anyway just to be safe. If the museum was open, it was an attraction that I didn’t want to miss. I was surprised when someone answered the phone and told me that the museum had actually opened a bit earlier than planned!

I checked out the museum’s website (where it still stated it would be reopening mid- June) and tickets were for sale. I decided to hold off on buying them just in case something came up and we couldn’t make it. This ended up being a great move. A $12 per person entry fee would’ve cost Kim and I over $25 with tax, but when we arrived we were told that entry was free for now since there was no way for them to collect the money!

Score! An earlier than expected opening plus no fee to get in!

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Uber- Can Someone Please Explain The Big Deal?

Over the holiday weekend, Kim, Lucas and I spent a few days in Atlanta. While there we got great use out of our four-day MARTA passes. They were well worth the $19 we paid per person (Lucas was free). The pass allows for unlimited rides on trains and buses.

While the buses and trains come pretty regularly, at times it can be a long ride. For instance a 12 minute car ride might take around an hour on MARTA public transit.

Due to this I decided to finally try out Uber and burn my $35 credit that I earned from signing up and a couple of referrals.

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Homeless Man Put Up in Lux Hotel & Given $500 For Returning Wallet

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.53.33 AM

Here is an amazing story that I had to share. It’s about a man, down on his luck that did the right thing and got rewarded for it in more ways than he could probably ever imagine.

A homeless man, Josh Hartman was dumpster diving for food when he found a tourist’s wallet with her ID and credit cards. Soon after, he set out to find the owner of the wallet. Hartman walked around downtown Atlanta, stopping into four hotels before  learning that the owner was staying at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center where he turned in the wallet to security.

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