Homeless Man Put Up in Lux Hotel & Given $500 For Returning Wallet

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Here is an amazing story that I had to share. It’s about a man, down on his luck that did the right thing and got rewarded for it in more ways than he could probably ever imagine.

A homeless man, Josh Hartman was dumpster diving for food when he found a tourist’s wallet with her ID and credit cards. Soon after, he set out to find the owner of the wallet. Hartman walked around downtown Atlanta, stopping into four hotels before  learning that the owner was staying at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center where he turned in the wallet to security.

The managing director of the hotel figured out that the wallet belonged to a French tourist that had reported her wallet stolen on November 7.

The hotel wanted to reward the homeless man for his good deed but didn’t know who he was. Hartman had told the hotel an incorrect name when he turned in the wallet, thinking they didn’t need to know who he was. However, they knew what he looked like thanks to surveillance cameras.

The hotel staff then went out on a search, talking to homeless people, hoping to find their man. Hartman heard that the hotel was looking for him (on November 22) so he headed on over to the Omni.

As a reward The Omni has given Hartman a luxury room to stay in  through Thanksgiving. They are also giving him room service and $500.

Find out more about this amazing story HERE.

Photo Credit: HLNTV.com

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