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Overbilled 30 Minutes, Uber Refunds Me…

Uber Scam

On July 4, Kim, Lucas and I had a long layover in Miami on the way home from our trip to Nicaragua.

During the layover I wondered if it was better to rent a car or use Uber.

We ended up going with Uber, only taking two rides. Our cars showed up within minutes and both drivers seemed very nice and had clean cars. It seemed like a good move to not bother renting a car….

When we got dropped off back at Miami International Airport I noticed a problem. After the ride, I didn’t receive an e-mail from Uber with our trip details including the price… Continue reading Overbilled 30 Minutes, Uber Refunds Me…

Uber Adjusts Fare, Refunds Me $24

A couple of weeks back I finally got to try out Uber while in Atlanta. After the ride, I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and asked if anyone could explain.

During our Uber ride, we were given an estimate of $28-$36 to take us from the Delta Flight Museum to Turner Field. Since I had a $35 Uber credit this seemed like a great time to use it. After a bit of traffic, it turned out that our fare came to $55.

A short while after the ride ended, a short survey came up in the Uber app. It asked to rate the driver from 1-5 and leave comments about the ride (or something to that extent).

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