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Happy 2nd B-Day Lucas! 91,144 Miles Flown, What A Journey So Far!


Today is a very special day for the Michael W Travels family.

Our little man Lucas Miles turns 2 years old today and I want to wish him an extra special Happy Birthday! (Check out my post about Lucas’ 1st birthday here.)

Lucas is an amazingly friendly and happy little boy. He brings a smile to the face of most that meet him. He’s brought an unmeasurable amount of happiness to Kim and I over the last 2 years!

While we all love to brag about our kids, this is a blog about travel so today I want to reflect on Lucas’ 2 years of travel (and as a lap baby). Since he is now 2, Lucas has taken his last flight without needing his own ticket/ seat.

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Some Travel- Inspired Clothing For Lucas

baby clothes on a swinger

With Lucas becoming quite the little world traveler I had to find him some fun, travel- related clothes. Then again maybe they found me. I didn’t exactly go out in search of clothes related to travel for Lucas but these two items definitely caught my eye.

Check them out:

The airplane onesie from H & M:

a grey shirt with airplanes on it
H & M $6.95

The cities onesie from American Apparel:

a green and red baby clothes
American Apparel $14.00
a green and red text on a green background
A close-up of the cities onesie

If you’ve found any interesting, travel- inspired clothing for babies or kids, I’d love to hear about what you’ve found!

Budget Travel: 9 Essential Travel Products For Kids

a toy and a toy set
(Image from Budget Travel)

Budget Travel  had a slideshow on Essential Travel Products for Kids in June 2012 that I found pretty interesting. At the time, most of the items on the list were not suitable for Lucas so I decided to save a link to it for future reference. 

With Kim and I recently celebrating Lucas’ 1st Birthday, I thought it was time to look over this list again. For all I know, some of these products might be useful for us on upcoming trips!

Here is the List:

  1. Uppababy G-Lite Stroller– The lightest full size stroller on the market plus it stands on it’s own when folded.
  2. KidCo Peapod Plus– a pop-up tent with blow up mattress. It also has UV protection
  3. Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case– kid friendly iPhone case
  4. City Walks With Kids Cards– Comes in sets of 50 cards for 5 cities. They list “family- friendly routes, mixing classic sites with tot friendly eats, playgrounds and tales to keep the little ones engaged”.
  5. GoPicnic Ready-To-Eat Meals– “Healthy riffs on lunchbox classics- have no trans- fats, high- fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.” 
  6. Play Visions LEGO Headlamp– A headlamp made especially for kids. The lights are on the feet of the posable LEGO Man.
  7. gogo Kidz Travelmate– If you’re bringing a car seat, the gogo Kidz “sets your seat on wheels for easy in- airport maneuvering.”
  8. My Little Seat– If a restaurant doesn’t have a high-chair then this sounds like a useful product. “A washable, fabric harness, turns nearly any chair into a safe baby perch.”
  9. Travel-Tot Childproofing Kit-“Pack peace of mind… the kit includes foam corner guards, outlet covers, cabinet locks, finger pinch guards and more”.
Some Favorites
  • gogo Kidz Travelmate– On the two trips where we rented a car, we brought a car seat on one of them. Now that Lucas is using a convertible car seat, I would not bring it unless we had something to wheel it with. The gogo would make that possible.
  • Play Visions LEGO Headlamp– I bring a headlamp on every trip that I take. I also love LEGO so I’d love to get this headlamp for Lucas when he is a little older.
  • GoPicnic Ready-To-Eat Meals– This sounded to me like a healthy, kids version of Lunchables. Sounds like a great idea if you are planning long days/ car rides while traveling.
  • City Walks With Kids Cards– These cards sound like a great way to have kids take some control of a trip. I’d love to see what kind of activities are suggested and use them as a guide for one.
What products from this list do you feel are the most useful and could help make traveling with kids a little easier?

For more information about each product, check out the slideshow from Budget Travel HERE

Happy 1st Birthday to Lucas Miles

a man holding a child on his shoulders
Ryman Auditorium- Nashville, TN

Last March I wrote about A New Kind of Miles. However, I wasn’t talking about airlines miles. I wanted to introduce my son Lucas Miles.

January 11 was a very special day at the Michael W Travels home. We were celebrating the first birthday of our amazing little boy Lucas. He has brought a ton of joy and happiness to Kim & I. Things will never be the same for us, they have only gotten better!
Watching Lucas grow and change over the year has been really incredible!

a baby sitting in a chair

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Packing For Two (Or Maybe 1.5)

a baby sitting next to a large backpack
Lucas Miles W. sizing up the pack
While packing for our current Southeast Asia trip, Kim and I once again had to figure out the best way to pack. I knew that I was bringing one of my backpacks, the questions was which one? Could I squeeze all of my things plus most of Lucas’ into a 60 liter pack like I did for our trip to Barbados? For a 2+ week trip that wasn’t going to happen.
Our trip would be over double the time compared to Barbados. I decided to bring (give or take) the same amount of things for myself but Lucas would need a lot more clothing, toys and other supplies.
a man kneeling next to a baby

I decided to bring my 75 liter North Face backpack. When I finished packing my things, there was a ton of space left. I figured after packing Lucas’ gear I would still have some space left over. This was not happening. I ended up stuffing diapers in just about any empty space so we could buy as little as possible during the trip. You can see how I packed quite a few into the side water bottle holder in the pic below.

a baby lying on a backpack
After I was done packing Lucas had a lot of fun using my backpack as his jungle gym. I never knew that my bag could be so much fun!
How would you pack if you were traveling with an infant?

Lucas’ Seven Month Old Travel Recap & Our Upcoming Plans

a sign on a window

While walking around SoHo in New York City we came across this awesome sign. It was in the window of Giggle, a baby store. 

I thought it would make for a good photo with Lucas. It pretty much sums up our thoughts for traveling with a baby. Lucas has not held us back, he has been a great travel partner!

a man and baby posing for a picture

When Kim got pregnant many people commented on how things would slow down for us in terms of travel. I never listened to these remarks and always said how we plan to still go away multiple times each year. The question would then be- with the baby??? My answer was always a firm yes. I have always seen families traveling with infants so why couldn’t we?

The other day I ran into a neighbor that I had not seen in a few months. She asked how Lucas was and then made a comment about us not traveling. I told her how great Lucas was doing and then went on to tell her about our trips we had taken. I also mentioned our upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. After each trip that I spoke about she asked “with the baby”, was he coming along? When I told her yes she was surprised and impressed that we were still getting to travel.

a man and baby posing for a picture

On our two trips (flying) to date with Lucas we’ve definitely had to slow down a little. There are stops needed for feeding and changing but otherwise Lucas has been a great travel partner. 
I don’t feel like we had to pass up many experiences or missed out on much so far.

Lucas is having a great first year of travel. He might not remember the places he went and things he saw but we have lots of pictures to show him when he is older. It’s also been an amazing experience for Kim and I!
Here are Lucas’ trips and the age that he took them:
  1. Barbados- 3 months old
  2. South Dakota- 6 months old
a baby sitting on a white blanket

Tomorrow we leave for Southeast Asia and Lucas just turned 7 months old this past Saturday. We’ll be flying in business class thanks to our mileage collecting! (This should be a great experience in itself!)

We will be visiting:

  • Singapore
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hopefully we’ll get in another little adventure before his first birthday!

Stay tuned…

A New Kind of Miles

a baby lying on a blanket next to passport and books

Many of us are obsessed with collecting airline miles to help fund our travels around the world. We collect them by applying for credit cards, shopping on award portals and some even go on mileage runs.

There are tons of  airline frequent flyer programs out there. We have AAdvantage, Aeroplan, Avios, MileagePlus, Dividend Miles, Skymiles and many others.

a man holding a baby

I want to introduce my favorite kind of miles… His name is Lucas Miles!

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